Friday, October 31, 2008

Surgery is a go for today.

Well the Surgery dept called me yesterday and we went over the game plan for Carson today. This is about how it goes.......

First off, they wanted me to give him a breathing treatment through the nebulizer last night at bedtime. They told me to give him the Combivent. This is the strong medicine that we give him when his asthma is really bad. Then I will need to wake him up today around 6AM so I can feed him a little something. He is not allowed any food after 7:15 AM. Then we will give him his morning meds and another round of Combivent. They are wanting to get his airway open wide so we don't encounter any problems. He can also have clear liquids up to 12:15 and then he will be done.

So she told me that our surgery isn't going to be scheduled until late afternoon and that is with the hopes that there are no hold ups with other surgeries prior to Carson. But it is still a go.

So once they are ready to start they will give him some laughing gas to knock him out. After that they will put the IV in. Then the doctor will scope his lungs and look for any anatomy problems. Then she will take some samples of his lung sac and then she will be done. They will then insert the breathing tube. ENT will put in his ear tubes (yeah, no more ear infections!!!!!), adenoids, and tonsils will be removed. The doctor told me that there is a 75% chance that they will opt to leave his airway in until the anesthesia is worn off. Then they will wean him off the vent. So that about sums up what will be taking place tomorrow.

Please keep Carson in your prayers that this solves his asthma, respiratory, and ear infections. That is the goal for going through all of this.

Then we can get back to a happy childhood and mommy can get back to work!!

I have had several e-mails on phone numbers and such. Children's Mercy # is 816-234-3000. His full name is Carson Johnson. We may not be up in a room any before 7 or later. But phone calls are welcomed. We will be discharged in 1-3 days and then home for 2 weeks. The doctor said she wanted him to be home bound so he doesn't pick up anything. So I will be with him 24/7 by myself. I may end up blogging those days several times a day just to keep myself busy. LOL.

If you need my phone number at home, please e-mail me at and I will be more than happy to give that to you. Thanks again for all of my calls today and a few of my close buddies that e-mailed me. I love you guys and it is such a great feeling to have such a huge support system.

PS I hope everyone has a great Halloween and get lots of candy so you can pass some to us. The only day that I can get chocolate for free, ....sigh....


Shari said...

I am praying for Carson.

Pam said...

You know that we are praying for you, If you need to chat before he comes out of surgery give me a call. I have all of your numbers stored in my phone, so you will be hearing from me.

Give that little tyke a hug from me and run those fingers through his gorgeous locks as well.


Rachel said...

I will keep you and Carson in my prayers.

PS...sorry I didnt call last night. Conferences ran over and I had to feed the kiddo's and do pumpkin carving.

I will call you tonight to see how Carson is doing. I love you guys and know things will be just fine.

Love Ya!


lisaschaos said...

I hope all goes well. :) My youngest had tubes put in and they helped a lot. Luckily he hasn't had an asthma attack in 4 years. :) But when he was small we were continually in the hospital.

Hope all goes well and I will keep Carson and your whole family in my thoughts.

Andrea said...

I hope everything went ok. Please let us all know. I was back to the doctor myself today with the twins...more ear infections...Happy Halloween, huh?

Spaghetti said...

You and the boys are in my prayers. I hope the surgery went well and that this will make him feel much better. Get some rest! Your going to need it.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I hope that everything went well. I am sorry that I didn't check in earlier. I feel horrible, sorry. I hope that this surgery will solve EVERYTHING!!! Carson deserves to go a long time before getting sick again. Where are you guys staying at CMH, what floor??? Anyway, I hope that you guys get to go home tomorrow!!! Thinking of you guys. If you get bored you can call me!!!

Pam said...

I am hoping that everything went well, I will call you in the morning. Today has been crazy, and I haven't had one second to myself, in fact I am wondering if I have even eaten or gone to the bathroom!! ;)

Love you guys, and I will call first thing tomorrow. I really hope he is off of the vent.


Pam and Rhett

Marilyn said...

I hope Carson is doing well and that you are also. You are in our prayers. Kyle was talking about Cody and about the soccer games they played here in St. Louis.
He thinks that their team must really be awesome.
Take care.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Hope everything is going well. Thinking of you guys.