Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a full time soccer mom

I just had the urge to get on my blog tonight and holy cow, has it really been 5 weeks? The time has really flown by.....which isn't all that bad!!!

Carson has been battling his asthma as usual. We had 3 urgent care visits in the last 4 weeks and still can't get a handle on it. His Pulmonary doctor wants to try the advair again but as soon as we took him off, those syncopal episodes stopped from last Dec/Jan. So I'm really up in the air about it.

I have taken Carson out of Occupational Therapy for the time being. He has caught up and passed some of the three year old skills and it is 4 less appointments a month, so that is fine with me. I will wait til summer is over and have his sensory processing re-evaluated and we can go from there.

Carson also just had the EGD done last Friday. He was supposed to stay overnight due to his asthma. We arrived at 6:30AM and was scheduled for the first surgery of the day. The doctor scoped him and took biopsies of his esophagus, stomach, and small intestines. He said there wasn't any abnormalities and the lab results would probably be this Friday. On a good note, Carson did so well that we never had to stay! So we will see the GI clinic a week from tomorrow for the results. If everything looks good the Nissen is going to be scheduled. I have finally gotten Carson in the 28lb range but I also have added one ounce every feeding. He was getting 30 ounces a day of Pedisure and he wasn't budging. So mommy took it upon herself to add the extra ounce and I have seen him gaining little by little.

The funny thing is that Carson is 3 years and almost 2 months old and he is still wearing all the summer clothes from last year. I have bought him very little so far. Very sad. He is wearing 24 months. 2T's are too big for him in the waist.

Coltan and Cody finished school last Wednesday so now I have some company with me at home. The boys have kept me extremely busy with soccer. They practice Monday through Thursday and Cody's practice is three days a week and his practice fields are 35 minutes north of me. So that is one huge reason why blogging lately has not been an option. By the time I spend all day with Carson and then practice and back home for dinner and dishes, I'm pretty much spent. Then with Carson's asthma and feedings, I'm always up at least once throughout the night.

Since my last post, Coltan and Cody had a tournament in Columbia Missouri and they didn't do very well. We ended up going home before the finals. But just to let you know what a huge soccer mom I am, Cody had a game in Kansas on that Saturday. So I got up at 4:00 AM to pack and get us out the door. Coltan and Cody's first game was in Columbia (which is about an hour and half drive from my house) at 9:30. As soon as the game was over, Cody, My mom, step dad, Carson and I jumped in the car and headed back to Kansas. This field is 40 minutes southwest from my house. So 2 1/2 hours later Cody played his soccer game with his team. After that game I drove back to my mom's to drop off my parents and Carson. Cody and I headed back to Columbia which again is 1 1/2 drive. I was back at my hotel and in bed by 8:30PM!! But it was really nice to sleep ALL night without getting up and feeding Carson.

Then when we got back from Columbia, Coltan was in a tournament in Kansas. Same fields that Cody played at. So all of our games were 40 minutes away. Coltan's team ended up playing Saturday and then the tournament got cancelled Sunday due to the rain........this is becoming a pattern for me!

Last weekend Cody was in another soccer tournament and they swept the whole tournament. I ended up taking Carson out of town so my mom called me with the highlights.

So here is this weekend and guess what.....yup, a tournament. Coltan and Cody played in this tournament and again the boys took first. I'm very proud of them.

Next guessed it, except two tournaments. One is in Springfield Missouri with Cody and the other is up north Kansas City with Coltan. So I'm not sure if Chris and I are going to split it or not. Springfield MO is about a two hour drive.

So can anyone guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? Getting an oil change!

That about sums up my last month. I hope you all will see that this isn't an excuse but the truth as to why my blogging is slacking. Hee Hee.

I hope all is well and everyone has a great week. My niece is going to watch Carson a few days a week for me so I will officially be going back to work this week. So I'm thinking that I will have more time to blog while there. HAHA

I will be working very hard to catch up on everyone's blog this week. Stay tuned because I have about 3 months of pictures that I will be posting!