Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meanie Melana and Monster Carson

These pictures were taken about a month or so ago. I met Rachel and Melana at our favorite Mexican restaurant and had a nice dinner. Carson did want to show off for the girls so he ended up eating his whole hot dog. Melana, well she ate about 10 packets of sweet and low. LOL

After dinner, Rachel bought the kiddos some suckers. Then it was picture time. If you look closely, they are holding hands. Aren't they cute! This is my favorite.....I don't know who is flirting more.
It didn't matter, Melana wasn't letting go of Carson's hand anytime soon.

Not much else to report. Cody came home from school and since they were all beat up at the tournament last weekend, they got last night and tonight off. So Cody and I spent the evening cleaning his room......I cannot believe how much stuff Carson sneaks in there! So we changed sheets, dusted and vacuumed and it is good to go til next week.

Coltan's team ended up winning their game last night to Blue Springs. The high schools are all in a tournament this week and he doesn't play again until Saturday. He only had practice and then came home at 4:30 and has been doing homework every since. He had homework for Social Studies, Science, and Math. I feel really bad for him because it is a lot in each subject. I guess I don't remember being piled with homework like that and I have only been out of school for 15 years. Does anyone remember having a lot?

Carson and I stayed home for most of the day. I had a ton of errands to run and ended up on the phone with CVS, the GI clinic, Occupational Therapy, and our secondary insurance. Wow, I got done with all of those calls and it was almost 2. So I only got half of my things done. Guess my day is planned for tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Has it really been a month??

My goodness, where does the time go? I got on my blog today and couldn't believe it has been over a month!

So where do I begin???

Coltan. He had been in some high school soccer camps and conditioning camps over the summer. It all paid off! He made the JV soccer team! So his first game was last week and they played and won 1-0. The next game Coltan played was the next day and they won again, 3-1! Since Coltan has been with this particular coach, I have seen a HUGE improvement in his playing. Coltan is really looking great! Then.......Coltan ended up with the H1N1 and pneumonia! So he missed last Wed and Thursday's game and didn't returned back to school until this last Tuesday. He had another game yesterday but didn't get to play because he missed all last week. So today is his first game playing since last week and I have chosen not to go because it is pouring down and I just didn't feel like keeping up with Carson in the rain. At last, I talked to my niece and she said he was playing forward and doing an awesome job. She also said that our school is winning 2-0! Go Bronco's!

Cody, well he has been very busy with soccer as well. We went to St Louis last weekend for a tournament and drove down Friday night in the pouring down rain. It finally stopped but started back up around 5 AM. So our 10 AM game was cancelled and we waited until 1:00 to find out if they were cancelling the whole tournament. At 12:45, they decided that the tourney was still on......but would start at 9:00PM. So we got to the fields Saturday night and waited and finally played at 9:30 and played a team that we tied to when we were in South Dakota and ended up beating that team 3-0! Cody scored one and assisted in the other. We were supposed to play 4 games this tourney but they only gave us 2 games.

So Sunday we played another team out of Illinois that we have never played before but were warned that they play very dirty. After taking out 4 of our players, we decided the rumors were true. We already had 4 boys not at this tournament (two had H1N1, 1 out due to a concussion requiring a hospital stay, and 1 because of another conflict), so losing 4 more good players wasn't helping matters. The other team ended up beating us 0-2. The worse part of it, they were so rude they walked away from our boys at the end of the game and wouldn't shake our hands. That's okay cause we will be back in Illinois in a couple of weeks and will have most of our boys back and will beat them using our skills!

So the interesting thing in all of this is one boy named Jordan rode up to St Louis with another team member. His mom stayed back in Kansas City because Jordan's sister Katie had a tournament back home. Jordan was one of the 4 players that was injured during the game. He went down and never came back up. Jordan is one of those players that if he does stay down, you know it is serious. No one wanted to call his mom and tell her but when they finally did, Lisa said great, I'm at the ER now with Katie, she was fouled at her game, fell and broke her wrist. So it was decided that because of the swelling (we have 3 doctors and 1 dentist on our team), to go ahead and get Jordan back to KC and take him to an ER there so his mom could also be with him. After getting to the ER, we were informed that Jordan broke his ankle in TWO places. I feel really bad for Lisa. She is a single mother of three kids and two of her children broke bones in two different cities on the same day. Please say a quick prayer for her and the kiddos.

As for Carson, well he is still his full of energy, ham it up self. He doesn't like that the boys are back in school. He sits in Cody's bed and watches TV waiting for him to get home. It is really cute.

He had a doctors appt with the GI and we are going to draw some more labs and if they are in good numbers, we are keeping him on the NG tube for another 6 months and go from there. If the numbers on the gases are low, it will be the fundo placation. So we should know in a few weeks.

He had a pulmonology appt and was rescheduled for Sept 23 because I was home with Coltan with his H1N1 and the clinic didn't really want Carson and I in there since we had been exposed.

GI said that Carson needs to be back in occupational therapy after seeing the results of his swallow study. We had that done the end of July and Carson failed big time. He aspirated on things like peaches, applesauce, room temp liquids, and fruit snacks. Carson has been getting worse in my opinion but at least the swallow study confirms that. (meaning it's not all in my head). We stopped with OT because my insurance only covers 42 visits a year and I took off the summer. The doctor seems to think that I need to not take such a huge break. He wants us to maybe go for 3-4 weeks and then take a week off. He felt because we took off the whole summer, it has caused Carson to go backwards. So we have the orders in, just waiting to get our schedule.

Carson also has follow up appts coming up with his ENT and the Asthma/Allergy clinic. I don't expect any big changes in medicines or procedures with them so not a big deal.

Carson is so funny. I wish I knew how to put videos up on this site. Anyone want to share, let me know. He always has something to say about everything. I cannot get over how smart he is. He is constantly asking questions with his favorite question....."why". We have been potty training and have a small ways to go. He has been pretty good at my house and at the sitters but when we are out, he doesn't always tell me until after he finishes. His overnights have been about 75% dry and 25% of the days wet. As far as #2....he would just rather go in his diaper. Baby steps.

For me? Well I had been super busy getting ready to have my first ever garage sale. That is a lot of work! I literally cleaned out every ones closets, every drawer, ever toy box, and anywhere else to look. I set it up and had it about two weeks ago. I did really well so it all paid off. I didn't even sleep Wed night while I was setting it up. My sitter kept Carson for a couple of overnights so I could constantly work on my sale. I ended up with enough money for a house payment and a couple of utilities! I told my mom if I could make that kind of money in three days every week, I would do it.

Other than that, not much exciting going on. I have just been enjoying the boys growing up right before my eyes! Cody has practice 3 nights a week and when Coltan doesn't have a game (or is very sick)he has practice as well. They even have practices on Saturdays and Sundays. So all I do during the week is drive around dropping off and picking them up. It's okay though, I really enjoy watching my boys play soccer.

Well that is about it for now, I think there is a lot of info to absorb, and I will try to be better about posting more often.

I do miss checking in on everyone and hope to get that caught up as well!