Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures of Fritz and Company

I had a few of my bloggers ask me about Fritz and Co. This post is some pictures of the restaurant. Hope you enjoy the pictures. You can see the tracks around the top. That is where the food comes from. Every window in the booths have a different landmark of Kansas City. They all had a train go through them as well.

Here is the train with our food on it.

When it is coming to our table a metal wall comes up and the food drops on the platform while the train keeps moving.

Here comes the food!

You can see the platform comes down to our table.

The train then goes around the whole restaurant and back to the kitchen.

This window was a picture of Kansas City Union Station. AKA Science City. That is one of the trains that goes through our section.

This window is the City Market. Another landmark of Kansas City

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lisaschaos said...

That looks like such a fun place to eat! I want to come to KC so I can eat there! I'm planning a trip in February I just may have to get more info from you so I can check it out on the way through.