Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another extra doctor appointment

Well this week has been pretty quiet so far. Monday I stayed at home and worked on the house and then when the boys got home from school, I took them to soccer practice.

Tuesday I went to school and then work. I ended up interviewing another girl who wants a hairstylist position. I really need every one's positive thoughts coming my way this week. There is a salon up the street from me and they aren't doing very well. So the owner decided to cut everyone from 55% commission to 47% and on top of that, he is going to charge them a 7% product use charge. I pay 57-60% with no product charge. So a lot of these employees are about ready to jump ship. I have had 4 contact me. Between mine and my mothers 4 salons, I think we can help most of them out. My salon is doing okay, not great. So if this move comes through, I would be able to breath a little easier. So if everyone can just push all of your good vibes my way, I could sure use it. I could make more money but when I pay a receptionist for 5 days a week because of Carson, then that really cuts in my profits. So I would love for this to work out.

So on to my next day, today we had OT this morning and that went well. Carson played as usual and was sad when our time was up. Charlie is back in town and was able to come while on duty. After that I took Charlie and Carson back to Fritz and Company. That is the fun restaurant with all of the trains. I took some pictures of the inside of the restaurant as well so I will post for those of you that aren't from around you to see.

This morning when Carson woke up he had a breakout and I just thought typical allergies. By the time we got done with lunch, it was worse. So I called Dr Tarvin's office and he worked him in. Dr Tarvin said we are in the beginning stages of Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Great!! I have to make sure he is super well come Oct 16th or we will be rescheduling everything. Please pray for him to stay healthy. We really want to get this done and over with so maybe we won't be sick all the time.

So to finish my evening, it was my night for carpool and I sat at the fields and downloaded a lot of my recent pictures from my laptop so I will have all of them backed up. Holy cow, I cannot believe how many I have. I took 107 just today.


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I hope that Carson starts feeling better. I know how frustrating it can be to have to reschedule things that you have already waited long enough for.

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I sure hope that Carson gets better soon and you don't have to change any of your appointments.

I will send any and all good vibes your way this week! Loves...

Spaghetti said...

Hand, foot and mouth is not fun and it is contagious so watch the other ones. Hopefully he will feel better soon. I hope everything will work out for you and the business. I will be shooting up missile prayers for you.

Carey said...

oh no! we've been battling a bizarre rash lately too, and the dr. said that hand foot and mouth is going around right now. fortunately that's not what we had, but sounds like it's pretty contagious. take care of that boy!