Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update on surgery

I'm very exhausted and disappointed over this whole situation. After talking to several nurses, schedulers, and whoever else who would listen, the surgery has been scheduled for Oct 31st. They told me if I didn't want to do this on Halloween, I would have to wait until Jan. That is not really a choice is it? Let's see, last year during winter we had 3 ear infections, impetigo, Roselia, strep, pneumonia, and several bouts of asthma. Yes, I think making him go through another winter is a great idea.

I cannot believe that this has happened. So Carson will not be getting to trick or treat this year, Charlie will have to switch all of his days off around again, I will reschedule 7 doctor appointments (some of these were already rescheduled to make this surgery for Oct 16 work out), Chris is going to have to reschedule his time so he can keep Coltan and Cody for me, and Kathleen and Kim and I will need to make a new plan for soccer carpool. Not to mention I will have to redo my schedule at the front desk. I have managed to fill in the front desk while I'm absent. So this has turned out to be an overwhelming day for me. I have yelled, cried, begged, and all I keep getting is "we are so sorry, nothing like this has ever happened" (okay, I was born yesterday).

So anyways, we did manage to meet with First Steps and Carson doesn't qualify. I really didn't feel like he would but someone from Behavior medicine wanted me to check it out anyways. After that, it was back to GI for his follow up. We discussed the NG tube and he agrees with my argument that I would rather wait and see how Carson does with his surgery before we go to drastic measures like a feeding tube. He then looked at a spot on Carson's mouth that I took him for last week and Dr Kane says it isn't hand foot mouth, but impetigo. Great. Then he was looking him over and said 'hey mom, did you know Carson has an ear infection"? I replied, " I do now". So he was given some antibiotics for the two problems. He is going to keep Carson on his prevacid and also since or BM's aren't always thick, we will put him on 1 teaspoon twice a day of Imodium. He said that because Carson gets choked a lot on food, he doesn't eat well so he ends up drinking a lot of fluids, that could be part of the problem. Also he gave me some medical term that I cannot remember but it is basically getting parasites that we can shake off with no problems but it can linger in little ones for a while. He said one big contributor is deli meat. I remember when I was pregnant with Carson I couldn't eat deli meat per my doctor so it must be the same deal. The good thing is that the Imodium has no side effects and Dr Kane said to keep him on it until we come back and see him in 4-6 months.

Tomorrow we will be going back to OT if Carson's ear infection doesn't seem to be bothering him.

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