Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coltan Juventus VS. Kicks

These are from Coltan's soccer game Sunday. This game was at 8:00AM Sunday. I woke up at 6:00, got myself ready, Carson ready, and then I went and picked up two of Coltan's teammates that live in our neighborhood. After that, we drove to Chris' house (Coltan and Cody's father) and grabbed them and off we go. The soccer fields we were playing on are about 35-40 minutes away. The boys ended up playing really hard and it was a very close game. We finally scored our 3rd goal in the last 2 minutes of the game and won 3-2.

So I'm still thinking it should be against the law to have such early soccer games. After the soccer game, Kenda and 6 of her 7 kids and me and my 5 (including the two that don't belong to me) went to eat at a McDonald's close to our church and grabbed breakfast. Since there were so many of us and most were wearing all the same uniforms, everyone there was asking a lot of questions. We were definitely the entertainment there. When we finished eating, Kenda wanted to change clothes and told me she would be right back. I'm thinking to myself 10 kids and me, she's really not coming back is she? Thank goodness she did! After that we went to church and it was very nice. After church I ended up taking two more of Kenda's children because she was off to another soccer game. I took all 7 of mine to the grocery store and bought stuff for sandwiches. I was thinking to myself how expensive it was going to be to feed that many so the store route ended up being a winner. After that, we all loaded back up and off to another soccer game at 3:30. We finished that game (I will post pictures in a different post) and it was another heart stopping game. We ended up winning that game 1-0. So then the Soccer taxi dropped off the kids that didn't belong to me and we ran to my house and packed up a few more things and off we went to see Carson's grandpa. Chuck is Charlie's father and he lives here half the year and then in Washington DC the other half. he hadn't seen Carson since he was probably around 6 months old. Boy was he surprised at how much he had grown. Chuck took the boys and I out for dinner and then I drove him back to his house. We took some pictures and of course I will post those as well. We finally drove back home and climbed in bed around 10:00PM.

Oh did I mention that I put almost 300 miles on my car this weekend between driving Saturday and Sunday to soccer games? I put 80 miles on my car just from driving to and from Cody's game on Saturday. So that is where all my gas goes for sure.


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

With all that driving and being so busy on the weekends, I bet they go by way too fast. I know that my weekends are not quite as busy and they go by quicker then I can blink.

The pictures had me laughing and thinking "oh boy!!!" at the same time. Honestly, I am guessing (and hoping) that two boys will be easier then two girls. I know how my sister and I were growing up...and I don't know if I could handle that : ) (luckily things are different now). I am sure things will be fine. I think my whole thing is wanting so bad for the two of them to get along and love each other and not feel like one is loved more then the other.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I love the pictures! and I have to agree with Amy, I think that 2 boys might be easier then 2 girls. My little one is such a drama queen right now and she's not even 3 yet! I can't wait until I get another one!

You are a really busy lady! I think you deserve a day of pampering!!! Loves...

CrackerJacks said...

That is a heck of a full weekend. Gas is pretty low right now so that had to have helped. We have weekends like those too, minus the soccer, and we love it. It's good to be on the go sometimes. With me being a SAHM I like to get out when we can.