Thursday, February 19, 2009

Carson's new blankie

Well I have been battling some new challenges this week so I have remained silent. I will hopefully be able to clear my head and move forward.

Coltan and Cody have been home every night this week and their Grandfather is in need of some huge prayers. He has been battling cancer for the last few years and now it has come to a dead end with his treatment. I have been very upset over the latest news. I'm not only praying for him but Coltan, Cody, their dad Chris and his mother, wife, and three other children. What they will endure over this journey is going to be extremely difficult on all.

Carson has had a better week. He is eating a little better which is a huge step forward in my book. His heart monitor still goes off several times a day so we are calling those strips in. Baby steps right??

Now for the pictures. My dear friend Lacey from Jaxson's Fight was thoughtful enough to take the time and make Carson this awesome Thomas the train blanket. Carson LOVES it. He is a very big blankie boy and he always has to sleep with one. Also he carries one around the house and likes to sit down and put it over his lap and then play cars on top of it. When we got this in the mail, you should have seen his was priceless. So Lacey, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Carson has even named it. He calls it his "Choo Choo" blanket.

Here we are showing off our new blankie. Still being a ham with his blanket.

Look how sweet he is. I can sit up all night and watch him sleep. He is such a blessing.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Carson's date on Valentine's Day

Well it happened to be another busy weekend. Chris ended up getting the boys on Friday so I didn't up having them all weekend like I first thought. So Friday night I ended up going over to my Grandpa Clydes house and also met my father and niece. We spent most of the night over there and took him out to eat. By the time I got home which was around 9:30PM, Carson had fallen asleep in the car and I took him straight to bed.

Saturday morning I went to bed around 12:45AM because of his last feed and then Carson woke up with an event around 3:00AM. He woke up and was holding his chest and crying. I recorded the event and called it in to the company. I finally got him to go back to sleep around 5:00?AM and then I was back up around 7:30AM. So Carson and I didn't do much of anything all day until it was time for our Valentine Date! We met my dear friend Rachel at a Mexican restaurant and wouldn't you know it, Carson had to show off and eat, and eat, and eat. It was unbelievable. But then to think about it, he only ate a 1/2 cup of Fruit Loops earlier so I I'm glad he did so well. It sure seems like every time pretty Rachel is around, Carson will eat.....hmmmm.

After dinner I was heading to the boys 9:00PM game and my mother called and said the tournament was 2 games behind. I looked back and Carson was just about out so I decided to head home and not stick around and watch. The boys team is average 13-14 years old and they played up on the high school level which were 15 -18 years old. They ended up losing their first game 3-5. But my mom said they did hold their own and Cody did sneak in and score 2 of the 3 goals. The poor boys didn't get home til 12:30 AM and Chris and Cody were back up at 5:00 AM for his 6AM game. Chris didn't work until 8:00AM on Sunday morning so he said he could take Cody to his game!!

So Sunday Carson and I went to church and I had Coltan and Cody stay back so they could sleep. Carson and I then went to eat breakfast with the family and Carson ate almost one pancake and some ham from my ham and cheese omelet! I was thinking maybe the medicine is really starting to work. (unfortunately that was ALL he ate all day). We then went and got the boys and they played their next game and tied 4-4. Cody again was smoking and got 3 of the goals! Coltan played very well in the back. Then they went to another game and played and they tied that team as well. 'The final score was 5-5 and Cody once again had 3 goals! Coltan played in the back again and played hard. Because of their 0-1-2 they did not advance to the finals. Overall, they did play very well considering the boys they played against were 1-3 years older than them. I was very proud of them. Some of these tournaments we play up like this. It isn't about winning, but getting a good challenge to make them stronger players.

Today All we plan on doing is go through all of Carson's toys and downsizing his very full toy box. That is probably going to be all of our excitement for the day.

Here are a couple of pictures of Carson's date Rachel on Valentine's day. I think she had the best date ever!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My early Valentine

We had another busy day. First it all started when the boys woke up late for school. So I had to get Carson up and load him in the car and guess what? The car wouldn't start. So I had my neighbor come over and help me jump it. Thank goodness just a dead battery but my car isn't even two years old so I'm hoping this is an isolated problem.

After dropping off the boys it was off to Occupational Therapy. Carson as usual had a wonderful time. He worked on his motor skills by cutting some things out and then we worked on oral skills. He blew some different whistles and that is always fun for him. Then we ate some different textured foods and he really only wanted the cookies. Shocking. So Nancy saw that once again, Carson didn't really want to eat. After that I met a friend at Fritz and Company and Carson did eat almost a whole hot dog and a few french fries.

Crown Center had a Wizard of Oz exhibit and we went through that as well. I took some pictures and will post those over the next few days.

Then it was off to go back home. The boys had their usual soccer practice and Carson fell asleep in the car so I just sat there for the hour. It was kind of nice to have a little peace and quiet.

I was supposed to have several family members come over tonight for my homemade chicken and dumplings but we ended up postponing it until tomorrow since a couple of the members are sick. I'm also wondering if Carson isn't coming down with something because he ended up sleeping for three hours. I hope he isn't.

Oh and I forget to mention that the heart monitor finally showed up yesterday so he is attached and did have a couple events tonight. His strip was forwarded on to the cardiologist on call so we are currently waiting to find out if any action needs to be taken.

I had to take out Carson's NG tube tonight because it was going on 30 days and needed to be switched out to the other nostril. He actually did fairly well considering. But we did have another event and it was forwarded on as well.

I talked to Jessica (Coltan and Cody's step mom) and it sounds like the stomach flu is going through all of them so I will probably plan on keeping the boys with me all weekend so that they don't catch it and bring it back to Carson. So with that said, we are in for a very busy weekend. The boys are in another soccer tournament this weekend and we have a 9PM game Saturday night and then I will be the proud soccer mom and get up at 4AM on Sunday morning to get ready and get them to a 6AM game. We will then go home and sleep for a bit and then be at church by 10:30AM. Then we have two more soccer games scheduled for Sunday afternoon as well. I already told Coltan and Cody that I plan on eating breakfast and lunch in the vehicle. But we will be home in time for dinner. I will probably put a roast in the crockpot so I'm not cooking anything.

Monday of course in Presidents day so the boys will be out of school. Depending on how well we do in the tournament, if we advance to finals, they will play it on Monday. So if anyone wants to chauffeur us around so I can sleep, the job is open for any takers! LOL

I will try and get some pictures of the boys this weekend as long as Carson cooperates.

That is about it for now.

Here is what Nancy and Carson worked on. He got to fold the paper in half and cut it out for me. Yup, I'm a nerdy mom, it is on my fridge! Here he is showing off his work. I think (with a lot of help from Nancy)he did a great job.

He is cutting a straw. It is funny because it is supposed to be fun to watch the piece fly and Carson is more worried about picking it up and throwing it in the trash.

Working on our oral skills with pary favors.

They were getting each other.

He is soooo cute.

Now it is swing time. He loves to swing on these.

One last smile for all of the Carson lovers.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brotherly Love

These have always been some of my favorite pictures of the boys. Carson LOVES his two brothers. I watch Coltan and Cody everyday with Carson and I can tell how much they love him! Thank goodness for his two siblings. He gets to play basketball, soccer, get chased around, go for walks around the block, play cars, and watch movies with him. Carson loves to wrestle with them as well. He thinks it is super funny when he tip toes up to them and tickles them.

Coltan and Cody also help me with Carson's baths, diapers, breathing treatment, and feeds.

Thanks boys for all of your help. I love how big you two have grown up for our family.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Beautiful Day

Well we hit 70 again today but tomorrow is supposed to be back down to the 30's and possibly have snow. How crazy is this midwest weather?

The heart monitor didn't arrive again today but we have OT tomorrow so I will stop by the cardio clinic and see if they can try to track it. I want to get the 30 days of home bound over BEFORE spring!

I'm sure as most of you could figure out, I took Carson outside again today and we had such a great time. I took him walking and we walked just over two miles. That is twice this week I have been able to get OUT and exercise. It really feels great. After that Carson got to play outside in the backyard most of the day. He was soooo silly today. First he played in the kitchen sink and got drenched, then he got a hold of a marker and drew on his leg so I put him in the bath and he didn't want to get out at all. Then he kept running in and out of my house and he was taking a plastic cup and would fill it up with water and then pour it over the railing on my deck. He had a very odd obsession with water today. But he kept me entertained.

So then the boys got home from school and Carson got to play a little b-ball and soccer with them. I think he whipped them but Coltan and Cody would never admit it! LOL

So here is the interesting part of my night.....So I'm sitting in my house folding a load of towels and Carson keeps running in and out of the house with Coltan and Cody comes in and says to me "Mom, I found a lost kid", so of course I'm thinking they are ready to give Carson up and I say "okay". Cody then says "no mom, really". This does sound a little different , so I turn around and look and here is a little boy standing in my doorway and I have no clue who he is. He has a cast on his right arm and looks pretty shaken. So I ask him where he came from and if he was supposed to be at a friends house and a hundred more questions trying to get some sort of idea who this 7 year old named Tyler is. He is holding a bag of gummy worms and I asked him where he got it. He told me that he got it at the gas station (which is just a little over a mile from my house). I ask him how he got there and he told me he walked. Okay, I'm really getting no where with this child and felt it was best to call PD and request them to send out an officer.

So while we are waiting I ask him about his arm and he is very vague in answering. All he would tell me is tha he fell. Couldn't tell me what he was doing, where he was, or when it happened. So the officer arrived and I told him everything I knew and Tyler wanted to keep walking away from us so I finally put my arms around him and held him there so we could get some answers. The officer decided that he would drive the boy around and look for a "brown truck" parked in a driveway. As they were heading to the vehicle a lady pulls up and gets out and very calmly says "Tyler, where have you been"? He starts to bolt out onto the very busy street that I live on and the officer grabs him in time and helps him across the street. This mother then looks at me and gives me an evil eye like I'm burdening her. I apologize and tell her that I had no idea who this little fellow is and I thought it would be safe to call the police department since they had more ways to figure out where he lives. I then turn around and the officer told me he needed my info after he was done with this lady. So he talks to her for about 10 minutes and at no time is she looking stressed, frazzled, scared, or whatever else when your missing a child. She tells the officer that she saw him walk out of the house about 30 minutes to present and when she decided he wasn't going to come home, she got in her car and started driving around the neighborhood. She at one time asked the officer how much longer he planned on standing there asking questions and lecturing her. He then asked her for her name and address for his report and then asked her "oh by the way, how much longer were you going to wait before you called us to assist in looking for your son:? Now keep in mind it is close to 7:00 at this time and she repies that she would have called by 8 or 9!! Okay pardon my french here but WHAT THE HELL????

Who in their right mind lets their 7 year old out of the house and wander around a neighborhood and doesn't show concern???? So come to find out they actually live another 1 1/2 miles further away from the gas station that Tyler walked to.

After the lady left, the officer came over and he was just ticked off and how this lady didn't really care. He was so angry and suspects there is more to this story that he is issuing her a citation for endangerment of a child and he will contact DFS and also wants this boys broken arm looked at a little closer. He told me that he didn't want to give this child back but couldn't prove any immediate danger.

So what am I proud of most about this whole story??? Cody saw this little boy walking alone in the dark across the street and MY BOY got involved!! Who knows where this little boy would have walked to next. There are several streets between my house and his house and he may have walked up and down several streets or worse yet ran into bad person as well. (yes I live in the 19th safest city in America but have a registered sex offender that lives about a mile away).

Cody, you have made me proud today. You saw something that didn't look quite right and you were able to get this little boy to talk to you and establish that he needed our help. These are the very moments that I'm feeling wonderful as a mother and realize that I am raising you right.

Coltan, I'm proud of you too. You helped me ask this boy questions and you tried to find out his last name and were just as concerned as the rest of us. I'm also very proud of you that when the officer did arrive, you knew it was best without me asking to take Carson away so that I could talk with the officer. It is nice to see you step up and help out. Thank you for that.

Carson on the other, he is way tooooo friendly. He knows that his dad drives a police car so he thought he could run over to this officer and give him hugs. The officer at one point picked him up and he gave him a really big hug. Carson has such a great personality. The officer has a little soft spot for him now.

Monday, February 9, 2009

one more day

Well yesterday had it's ups and downs. We started off getting up at the wonderful time of 3:00AM and since we were up, I decided that we would get ready and go to church. Since it was my mother's birthday, we decided to go with her to her church and not mine. It was really cute because Carson is really excited when we do go to church and when we got there he looked at me and said "mommy, new church"? I told him that we were going to Gra Gra's church and he kept saying different church. So he knew we weren't at "HIS" church.

After church, my step dad, aunt Tammy and us took my mom out to an early lunch at Cracker Barrel. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Then my mom was off to watch my niece play some soccer.

Carson and I were on our way home and since I live next door to Lake Jacomo and it was still fairly nice day, we decided to drive around the lake and see if we could find any ducks or geese to feed. We didn't see any but did find a slide and Carson really got excited so I thought what the heck. We went to the playground but it was a little windy so we only stayed for about 15 minutes. While there, I could tell Carson wasn't feeling well and he told me he was sick. I asked him what was wrong and he pointed to his head. I then felt him and he was burning up so off to the house we went. He ended up going to sleep by 3PM and then woke up around 1:00AM. That much sleep......I know the kid is sick!

He went back to sleep around 8:00AM and then woke up around noon . I didn't do much today just because I'm still exhausted from our "fun" sleeping schedule. The boys came home from school and played outside for a while. I ended up making Beef Stroganoff and now two of my boys are in bed. Anyone want to guess which child is still up???

Last bit of news, I just wanted to tell my dear friend AMY from Kaden and Angel Ava congrats on her newest arrival. I know that Nate, Amy, Kaden, and Baby Brody are all doing well and I'm just so honored to get to know such a wonderful family and get to watch her beautiful journey. Amy, I'm so happy for you!! I cannot wait to see him.

Here is the view from the playground of Lake Jacomo. I can't wait to go back in the spring and take some more pictures. Very peaceful.

Another view.

As you can see, we were the only ones there. Carson had the whole area to himself.

Wanted to give me a ham smile.

Going down the fun slide.

Stopped to say hello.

He couldn't decide which slide to go down. Decisions, decisions...

He was playing peek a boo with me.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

70 Degrees in Kansas February???

The most important thing that I would like to post about today is HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!

I will post more about today a little bit later since I wanted to share the great pictures of Carson yesterday when we had wonderful weather.

Yes everyone, it made it up to 70 degrees yesterday and it is February!! How lucky were we? Carson is supposed to get his heart monitor Monday and we are supposed to stay close to the house as much as possible since it goes through my phone lines. So we thought we better just get out and do something fun. First we went to a park with a great walking trail and I walked for a while as I pushed Carson in the stroller. He had a ball and this park had lots of people walking their dogs so Carson decided to do a lot of barking. (yes, we don't get out that often). As we were strolling, I heard someone yell my name and long behold, here comes my friends Jimmy and Denise and they were walking their dog. So they walked with us for a few and then they were off to get back home (which really was a ways from this park).After the walk, we went over and played at the playground. Carson got on the swing and didn't like it at all. So we stuck with the slide and he ended up playing on that for 30-40 minutes. After we packed up and were getting ready to leave, I thought I better call Denise and Jimmy and make sure I didn't need to pick them up and help them home. LOL I called the home phone first and holy cow, she answered. Way to go Denise!!! You two are my heroes walking all that way. For real, how far was that? I'm really thinking over 5 miles????

So here is one of our first pictures. I know this is my child but he is so beautiful. I can just stare at him all day long.

We had to sit down so mommy could tie his shoes. I snuck another picture in before I did it.

Getting ready to go down the slide.

He stopped to say hello.

I love watching his hair in this one. He got done and said "mommy, I slide fast". He loved it~

Peeking out and telling me he was going to go down the bumpy slide.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time out looks so rough doesn't it??

Well we ended up having another long day yesterday. Carson didn't go to bed Thursday night til almost 4:00AM and back up by 7:00. He was on the run all day yesterday and I'm still trying to figure out where he gets all of this energy.

The heart monitor will be at my house on Monday so I'm going to try and take advantage of the nice weather and see if we can't find something fun to do. Yesterday it made it up to 70 but was soooo windy and I didn't want to take Carson out because I was too worried about his asthma and all of his allergies. Not to mention all of the extra breathing treatments I have gave him over the last few weeks. Today doesn't seem so windy so maybe we can get out.

Coltan is in a referee class today and tomorrow and once he completes the course, he will be able to start refereeing soccer. We have a soccer complex not even 2 minutes from our house and Chris also has another soccer complex about 5 minutes from his house so when he isn't playing, he will still get to be a part of the game and make so money. I think they pay around $10.00 a game(isn't that about right Denise) which is pretty darn good for a 14 year old.

I think Cody has one game this weekend and that is about it for him as well. He is going to stay at his dad's house and then I'm planning on picking up both boys tomorrow.

So as you can see, not a whole lot of anything which is probably a great thing.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday and hopefully we will get out and take lots of pictures of doing something FUN.

These pictures were taken last Oct when Carson decided to be a daredevil and threw a soccer ball over the railing which landed and broke some picture frames. So I put him in time out and went to clean the mess up. This is what I found when I came back. He makes time out look so easy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Doctor Appointment Update

Well it was yet another long day but now we are home and YES, we survived!

The first appointment was with the Cardiologist. He finally contacted me about Carson's holter monitor and told me there were a couple of "events" of bradycardia. Again Brady means slow and Cardia has to do with your heart. So apparently he had a couple of events where his heartbeat dipped down to low numbers that are of concern. So what does this mean for Carson? They are going to bring out a monitor to my house where it will somehow send his rhythm through my telephone. Has anybody ever heard of this or had and experiences with this? I would love to hear from you. The doctor then explained that his heart will be monitored through a company in Pennsylvania and if he has any episodes regardless of the time, the company will call me immediately and find out what he is doing and make sure I'm aware of his problems. If it is something serious, Dr A will be paged at that time as well to see what he wants us to do. I am very impressed with this technology.

He also wants me to call Apria and have them fax over an order for him to sign off on for a pulse ox for Carson when he is asleep. He wants to make sure that Carson is staying above 95% and anything below that he will consider putting him on oxygen at night as well.

So then it was off to GI. This is the partly good news. Dr K told me that he wanted to change Carson's reflux medicine and if we can find one that does good for him, he thought he would start eating and even sleep for me. He said that the reflux he is experiencing is probably causing more than 50% of his problems. He said that if Carson is associating the pain when he eats, he isn't going to eat. He said that because this behavior is going on now (at age 2), he wants to get aggressive to finding a medicine that will help him now so that he doesn't continue with this behavior. He also said he wants to try a different medicine that has a longer acting control so that hopefully he won't wake up in the middle of the night with pain that is associated with heart burn. So here is the good news, if we find that the new RX is working, he will start eating more orally, we will be able to lose the NG tube in as soon as a month!!!!! Now he said that it may take two months but he thinks we are definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

So this brings me to my last bit of news on Carson, we are leaving the allergy clinic and the special care clinic. Dr K said we are seeing too many doctors and they are all stepping on each other. So Dr K will take care of his reflux, eating issues, and allergies, and Pulmonary will just stay on top of his asthma related issues. Of course we will stay with Cardiology but we won't see him now until after the 30 days and then Dr K said we will just go from there. That meant so much to me that he is willing to step up and do more than just the GI part. Less doctors equals less doctors appointments!!! Can you tell that I'm happy here???

Well I must go now. I had Coltan and Cody come home tonight and we had my homemade Lasagna for dinner and we just finished up and now we are going to sit down and watch CSI together.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. I'm feeling really good for the first time in a long time about Carson and him getting better. Wouldn't that be great if all of these problems were caused by reflux?

Just hanging out.....on the coffee table

Carson seems to think that my coffee table is his race car track, his dining room table, his dance floor, and his personal desk for coloring. I will leave you this morning with pictures of my little ham.

We have two doctors appointments today and I will update you about them when I find out more. Please PRAY that we are going to be released from our house arrest. As of this morning I have Carson weighing in (drum roll please) 12.0. That is 26.4lbs. I have worked soooo hard to get his weight up in the right direction and I have done this all by myself (meaning I'm the only parent in his life). So I'm very proud of my accomplishments and I will be praying that the doctor will see enough progress to let him out! I will get into details after the appointment but I'm going to see if this doctor that we are seeing today will manage his NG tube and we will lose the other doctor. Again, if it goes the way I'm wanting, I will explain later. Hope you enjoy my little boy and have a wonderful Thursday.

Here he is. He thinks it is fun to slide around on the coffee table.

He is such a cutie. How can I scold him for not listening to me???

One more smile for you. He wants you to have a great day as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some places I would like to be right now

How about Chicago? I love going and walking down Michigan Ave and shopping like crazy. By the time you get back to your hotel, you are so exhausted that your asleep before your head even hits the pillow. But when you wake up the next morning, your ready to do it all over again!

Or maybe just head up to the farm and sit by one of your favorite ponds and read a little. If your quiet enough, you will have deer and turkey come across the field to look at.

Of course you always have a fishing boat in Miami that will take you into the ocean and you can sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Or maybe hang out on Hollywood beach and listen closely to the waves and drown out all of life's problems.

Deep in the Everglades is such a sight to see. But you want to be high up like we were because gators are very thick through here.

Sitting on the sand and watching your two boys just get lost in the innocents of being a child...

Going to Grand Canyon and being able to witness the miracle of natural beauty. We could just sit up there for hours and not say a word and it was such an awesome feeling.

Of course something a little closer (still 3 1/2 hours away). It is really nice to go down to the Arch and sit by the river at sunset and watch how pretty it can be.
These are just some of the places I have been fortunate enough to go and visit. I had some really cool pictures of New Orleans as well but couldn't find them to post on here. That's okay, they will turn up and I will post them one day.

When I have been stuck in my house for as long as we have, it is so easy to daydream about where I have been and where I wish we could be. Maybe one day soon we get to get out and enjoy life again. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow so please pray that he will have seen enough progress that he thinks it will be okay for us to get out. Coltan and Cody will start doing a lot of traveling next month and I'm ready for it. Let's just pray that the doctors think Carson is ready as well!

Happy Wednesday to all!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just another feeding

What a weekend. The boys ended up finishing FIRST PLACE in the soccer tournament!! I ended up not making any of the Sunday games but my mom said the boys played great. After the game, the boys went back and stayed with Chris.

Saturday night Carson decided to go to bed around 9:00 PM but he was right back up at 3:00AM. So since I was a walking zombie Sunday, we didn't do much. What I couldn't believe was that I had tried (believe me, I tried) to get him to lay down several times to take a nap and he wouldn't budge. So he finally gave up at 5PM. I don't even think we made it out of the first quarter of the Super Bowl. So since he was out, I decided I better take a nap as well. Carson then got up around 4:00AM and I did get him back to sleep at 7:00 and then we were back up for good by 9:30AM. So as you can see, the sleeping hasn't gotten any better.

Yesterday I ended up cleaning out some cabinets in my kitchen and cleaned the whole kitchen really well. Did a couple loads of laundry (It's amazing how much less laundry I have since Coltan and Cody haven't been here for the last few days). That was about the highlight of my day.

Coltan and Cody stayed with their dad again and I called them and they were doing some homework. They had soccer practice last night and that was about it for them as well. So I guess the boring is a lot better for me right now. I have been able to get some things done and not have to worry about the boys and homework, school, and soccer. I just really need this downtime right now to breath a little myself.

Carson's asthma is getting a little better. He had several treatments on Saturday from the Peanut butter deal but I'm finally back down to his Xopenex 4 times a day. He only has two appointments this week. He will go to Occupational Therapy and GI this week.

Here is my little Porkchop taking a break while he eats. I keep telling him that as soon as he eats for mommy, he gets to get rid of that pole.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Accepting some Awards

I received 5 awards (same one twice by two different bloggers) and I want to accept them and then pass them on. I'm so privileged to have been though of. I will start with the first award.

This one was given to me from Tracey at 4 my 3 Suns. Tracey has three beautiful boys and is happily married and she takes really nice pictures as well as tells about her everyday life.

I also received this award from Lonestar at Everyday Adventures. She also has three beautiful boys and they are always entertaining us.

This award is meant for people who are positive, show gratitude, and of course: make lemons out of lemonade!
The rules for this award are that you post the graphic for it, write a post that links back to the giver, and then pass it on to up to seven others.
Leave a comment on the blogs that get the award, so they know what's happened.I'm passing this one along to:

Sherri at A Season of Thanksgiving
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Kristi at Living Life in TX
Lacia at Outnumbered By Kids
Amy at Kaden and Angel Ava
Julie at We Are Well Blessed
Rachel at Love for 9

Both of these awards were given to me by Tracey at 4 My 3 Suns

The rules for these awards are:
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These two awards are being passed off to :
Rachel at Love for 9
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Carey at Dream Big
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Colleen at Falletti Spaghetti
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This last one was given to me by Kristi at Living Life in TX and Autism Blessings. Kristi actually has three blogs. Living Life is about her and her everyday things, and Autism Blessings is a diary of her wonderful son who has autism.
It's about confessing your mommy sins and forgiving yourself for your fault and moving on.As with all bloggy awards there are rules:
1) Admit that ONE thing you feel awful about involving being a mom. Get it off your shoulders. Once you've written it down, you are NO LONGER allowed to feel bad. It's over with, it's in the past. Remember, you're a good mom!
2)To remind yourself that you ARE a good mom, list SEVEN things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you. These are the things to remind yourself of EVERY DAY that you rock!
3)Send this to FIVE other Moms of the Year that deserve forgiveness and a reminder that they, too, are the best moms they can be!!! Remember to send them a note to let them know you've selected them, and add a link to the person who nominated you!
So I will admit that sometimes I'm not patient enough with my boys and really feel bad for that. I'm trying to be more patient so that I don't lose my temper so quickly. After all, I am dealing with two teenagers right?
Seven things that I love about my boys are,
1) They are loving (when they want to)
2) Just seeing their beautiful faces first thing in the morning.
3) I love watching Coltan and Cody playing soccer and sitting on the sidelines being the best soccer mom ever.
4) I love watching Carson learn new things almost daily.
5) I love when I see Coltan and Cody doing things on their own. Shows me they are growing up.
6) I love that every night I get to kiss all my boys goodnight and snuggle with Carson. (since the other two are two big for that now. :-) )
7) I love knowing that my three boys love me unconditionally. That means a lot.
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