Saturday, October 18, 2008

Were still sick and Update on Kaden's votes.

So we ended up going to the doctor last Wednesday to see why we were running a fever and Dr Tarvin said he thought it was just viral and it was a sinus infection. Carson was on Amoxicillian through yesterday (which totals 10 days) and he was still running fevers off and on. I had Charlie come down and spend the night at my house and I went to work til 3:00AM. Thank goodness I did that because I did payroll and it worked to my advantage come Friday.

Thursday Carson seemed to a little better so we went to OT and he seemed a little off. He had slept a lot the day and night before so I thought he was on the mend. After OT, I ran Carson to my salon and got his hair cut. His hair is a little bit shorter but now that I took all the weight off, he has twice the curls. I just love it! On our way home he ended up falling asleep and slept til about 7:30. He woke up with yet another temperature.

Yesterday he continued to run a temperature so I ended up staying home. He was suppose to go to a trunk or treat last night so he could have his Halloween but that didn't get to happen. I was pretty upset we had to miss but when your sick, your sick. He ended up spiking another temperature last night up to 103.8 and then we started having breathing issues. I gave him 2 combivents and then Xoepenix every 4-6 hours as needed throughout the night. So needless to say, I'm exhausted and my little Porkchop is miserable and only wants to be held by his mommy.

We have two soccer games today one for each Coltan and Cody and they are spending the weekend with their dad. I will have to miss those due to Carson. Please pray he starts feeling better so I can get to watch them play tomorrow and so we can go to church. I had to miss last week since we were in St Louis.

Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend and since I've had so much downtime, I have already managed to get all of my homework done and downloaded some pictures of the boys to post over the weekend. So check in often because you never know when I'll be posting some more pictures.

On a side note, I put the web for Kaden on the top right and all you need to do is click on it and vote. I checked this morning and they are in first but only by about 15 votes. If you haven't already done so, please go over there and vote. Really, it took me 30 seconds to do so. If you have time this weekend, stop by Kaden and Angel Ava and read this compassionate journey that this beautiful family have been through. Once you read about them, you will be on the same bandwagon I'm on to get Kaden the bedroom set he so deserves.

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lisaschaos said...

I hope Carson is feeling better soon. That bites! And I know just what you mean about more curls even though it's a little shorter. ;) ALl my boys have curls galore. :)