Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The BBF Award

I received this wonderful award from Tracey over at 4 my 3 Suns. I'm humbled by this nice gesture. It has been a wonderful avenue for me to have such great people to blog with. With that said, here are the rules;

Pass this award on to your bloggy friends that you met first in the blog world.

Amy at Kaden and Angel Ava

Aimee at Kyle / Ava / Aimee

Colleen at Spaghetti

Rachel at Love for 9

Marilyn at Kyle's Heart

Pam at Rhett's world

Carey at Dream Big

Melissa at Jack's life

All of these people I have first met through the blogging life. Some I have met in person, a lot of them we have e-mailed for a while, and a couple I have talked to on the phone. I consider everyone on my blog roll treasured gifts and I'm thankful for the friendships that we have formed.

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lisaschaos said...

COngrats! Blogging is a great place to make new friends. :)