Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Carson signing bath

Here you take your two hands and make fists with them and then you brush them down you chest. He is so dang smart and cute!

Carson signing in the tub

This is Carson signing water. Your suppose to make the letter W with your three middle fingers and touch your chin.

Weekend in review

Well we had yet another busy weekend. I worked on Saturday so I took Carson to Kelley's for the day. He went with her to the dodge dealership and helped her pick out a new car.

Cody had a game on Saturday with Barcelona so I took the boys to their dad's house and I finally got to meet their new sister. I held her for a little while and she is very cute. She hasn't figured out how to cry yet but give her time. So, Cody went to his game and they won 7-1. Of course Cody scored two goals

After work I went back to Raytown and picked up Coltan, Cody, Geno (my nephew), and Boe (Coltan and Cody's half brother). The boys had a fundraiser at Extreme Fitness for their Futura Futball Club to help raise money for the new uniforms. Carson and I went grocery shopping and then headed back to pick everyone up. When I went back to pick them up I collected another boy named Coleman. He likes to hang out with us regularly. We all went back home and I had a lot of help unloading the bags. After getting everything put up, the boys decided that they wanted to watch Chainsaw Massacre. Some (not mentioning any names) were screaming like little girls.

Sunday morning we got up and everyone took showers and had breakfast and then it was off to another soccer game. Coltan played with the Milan in this one and they won 4-2. Coltan had two assist with Coleman kicking one of those in and Coltan got a goal in the second half

After the game we ran home and ate lunch and then it was off to north of the river for another game. Carson was getting tired so I sat in the car for the first 15-20 minutes of the game. When I came down it was 2-1 and we were winning. By the end of the game, Juventus won 7-1. So it was a great weekend for wins!!

We came back to our house and I still had Geno (his dad is out of town) and Aspen and her boyfriend came over and ate dinner with us. Nothing fancy. I was to tired so I made goulash, fast and easy.

We finished cleaning up and I sent the kids to bed.

So, I didn't get very much done like I had planned on. Laundry, dishes and I did get most of my kitchen back in order. Maybe I'll get lucky and get it done this week.

I went to work today since our accountant will be in tomorrow to do our quarterly taxes. That is always a fun time. I did take Carson over to see his PaPa Clyde tonight for a little bit. He is looking pretty darn good and never slows down.

So as you can see, busy with soccer and uneventful everywhere else.


This was our screened in porch. It also had a little dining table and even a ceiling fan,


This is the livingroom complete with a 32" TV and a fireplace.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy week

We'll the boys had a great and busy weekend. Coltan's team played the semi championship game and lost 2-3 in triple overtime. They did a really great job. The ended up in 4th place.

Cody's team made it to the championship game and lost 2-3. Cody had a header in that game. That would of been worth a picture!

Carson has been doing great with his asthma this week,(knock on wood). He has been pretty clingy since I picked him up from Kelley's Sunday night. I didn't work Monday or Tuesday so he had a lot of mommy time. At dinner last night he was saying his ABC's and then started counting 1-10. He has known how to count for months now because he has to take an inhaler for his asthma and we count to 10 for each puff. But last night he started counting 1,2,3,4 in Spanish. I haven't done Spanish with him in a while and either has Charlie so needless to say I was surprised and tickled that my little boy is so dang smart. My goal is by the time he gets into kindergarten he will know some Spanish and some sign language. For those of you who aren't aware, I have been teaching Carson sign language and he knows around 200 words.

Coltan and Cody stayed with their dad Tuesday and Wednesday and Coltan finally got to meet his little sister. He said the only time she cries is when she is getting her diaper changed. I told him to give her time she's just taking it all in right now. :-)

The boys will actually have a slow weekend with soccer this weekend. I think there is only 2-3 all weekend. So I'm planning on catching up at my house with laundry and such.

My step dad finished painting in my kitchen and my new dining room set has been delivered so I've got the whole kitchen in a mess trying to rearrange everything and make a little more room.

That's about it for now. I'm going to try later on to download the pictures of the hotel room. It was as big as a 1 bedroom apartment. It was really nice and reminded me of a hunting lodge. I'm also going to try to go turkey hunting in the next few days if I can work it out. I've had a few invites so I'm really hoping to go.

Last but not least, I started my diet this week and I haven't drank one Dr. Pepper. That part is killing me. I've taken Carson on a stroller ride for the last three days. Since Monday I have already dropped 3 pounds. 17 more is my goal and then I will finally be back to Pre-Carson days. Then maybe I'll look into losing 5-10 more after that. So if you see me out and about, don't try to offer me anything fattening!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Both boys are still winning...

Coltan had a game at 7:30AM. They won to a St Louis team 3-0. Coltan scored a goal and another boy was off sides so they took the goal back. It still looked good to me! Coltan goes to semi- finals at 1:30.

Cody played in Raytown and he won 1-0. Apparently they were all fighting for the ball near the box and a kid from the other team scored on himself. But we still got the goal and we won. Cody plays in the championship game at 2:05.

We have to check out of our hotel at 12:00 so I will post tonight when we get home.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Last but not least

We'll, I'm not used to the blog yet so you have to start at the bottom of the pictures and move up for the correct order of events.

As far as Cody, he won his second game and they beat them 6-0. Cody scored a goal and said he scored two more this morning. Great job Cody. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for that! Aunt Laura took him since Grandma Ann was busy at the hospital meeting her new grand baby. After the first game, Aunt Laura took Cody to see his new sister Cheyenne. I asked him what he thought of her and he said "mom, she is a lot smaller than Carson". I'm sure he is pretty proud of her.

I also called Kelley to check on Carson and she said his wheezing has greatly improved. That is good news. Kelley's mom had a birthday party and Kelley said Carson just had a ball and made sure he checked out the food on everyones' plate. That's my little pork chop! I miss him as well and can't wait to pick him and Cody up tomorrow.

We'll were off to bed because our first game is at 7:30 which means we have to get up at 5:30. So much for sleeping in on Sunday.

Party at the pool

After dinner, the boys got to hang out at the pool and while there, they met some girls who were also staying at the hotel and were also in the tournament.

Dinner at Grand Cru

After our two wins, we all went to dinner at a restaurant called Grand Cru. Here are the boys celebrating. Great job boys.

Moving right on up the field

Coltan did a great job as a defender. He was taking the ball up the field.

Coltan in action

This was Coltan throwing the ball in after the other team kicked it out of bounds.

More pictures from the tournament

This is the first game we played this morning. We played against Pride 94/95. The were a team out of Columbia and we beat the 3-1!!!

Now Juventus is 2 for 2

Just a quick update for all of you. We just got back from our second game and we won 2-1. Coltan played defender and this was his best game yet. He did an awesome job.

Cody's next game is at 6:15 tonight so we will hope for a victory and advance on tomorrow.

We won game #1

Okay, first off, the weather was suppose to be sunny high 68. It is cold, windy, rainy and about 45. Big difference. So to the good part, Coltan won the his first game 3-1. The boys looked great. I took some pictures and will post them tonight.

Cody's also in a tournament in Raytown and PaPa called and said they won their first game 7-0.

Also, around 9:00AM, we got word that Coltan and Cody's sister finally arrived. I don't have any details but yea for that. And Gage may get released tomorrow from the hospital. Boy is Chris going to have his hands full.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally made it to Columbia

Well my day was pretty hectic. I got Coltan and Cody off to school, then I got ready and went to work. It was pretty weird to not battle Carson all morning since he spent the night at Charlie's. I did however call him twenty times to check up on Carson. He said that he slept through the night. So they played most of the day with his blocks and push cars and legos, and had a pretty fun day. I did have Charlie give him a breathing treatment because he is still pretty congested. Charlie brought Carson down to my work so I could get him back into Lee's Summit after I got off work.

I didn't get to see Cody before he left because his Grandma picked him up around 4:30 and I was still at work. Probably a good thing that I didn't see him. I'm not real happy with him at the moment. He has a real bad habit of playing with his soccer ball in my driveway and enjoys kicking it against my garage doors. I have asked him on numerous occasions to please stop before he breaks my doors. Sooooooo, he was once again kicking the ball but somehow kicked it high enough to break his bedroom window that is above the garage doors. It just so happens that Coltan was in Cody's room playing playstation when the glass shattered. Luckily it didn't come near Colt but he was definitely shaken up over it. Coltan called me and didn't tell me what had happened and put Cody on the phone. Cody acted like he didn't have a clue why he was on the phone with me so I got off the phone. Coltan then called me back to finally tell me. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with him. For those of you who don't know, this is the second time in about 3 months that Cody's bedroom window has been broken. I'm thinking that windows aren't that cheap to just keep going out and buying them every few months. My step dad came over and cleaned it out and took a storm window out of my bedroom to put in there until I get back in town.

So I got home and packed up Carson, threw Coltan and my bags in the car and we were off. We picked up one of Coltan's teammates named Coleman, dropped off Carson at Kelley's house, and went and picked up my mom. The boys were wanting Subway for dinner so we stopped for dinner and were finally on the road at 8:30.

We arrived at the hotel around 10:00 and it really is a cool place. When I originally made the reservations for the whole team, they had problems transferring me. They hung up on me twice. So the General Manager told me she was really sorry and I was joking with her and said I would forgive her if she could find us 18 rooms for our team. (Columbia has several conventions going on this weekend and this was about the 15th hotel I called looking for 18 rooms). She did have 18 rooms and gave us a really nice discount for a group rate. At the time of booking I figured Carson would be with us so I asked for a room with a refrigerator in it for his milk. Brook (the GM) said since I had been so good natured with the phone problems she would give me a suite with a fridge for no extra cost. So when we arrived the manager on duty told me that Brook wanted to upgrade me again from a regular suite to a premier suite. I was pretty impressed. That is until we used our key to get in a found that other people were already in the room. We went back down to the manager and he walked into the room looking around and said he didn't understand because no one is suppose to be in there. We came back to the front desk and found that the people in room 280 moved down to 180 but wasn't sure why. We'll I've been in this room now for an hour and can tell you why........apparently there is a cheerleaders competition in town and they are all upstairs practicing right above me. It sounds like they are going to jump through my ceiling. I just hope that since it is going on midnight that they will stop soon and go to bed. I have two boys that need rest for a big day tomorrow.

Anyways, I will take some pictures tomorrow of the room. It is the size of a one bedroom apartment. The whole hotel is themed like a hunting lodge which I love. Our room has John Deere border and a really cool picture with a small boy standing in front of a John Deere tractor so I would love to have it for Carson's room I'm also going to try to take some pictures of Coltan's games. He has two tomorrow. He has been so excited since this is his first ever out of town tournament. I'm hoping we come home Sunday as the Columbia Pride champions!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a day

This is Daddy with Carson getting one of his breathing treatments.

Well Carson did let me sleep a little bit more today. We only got up once in the middle of the night due to him being sick. We were up at 2:30AM and back asleep by 3:30AM. Everyday we are getting closer :-). But now the cough is back and all of his congestion. I just can't seem to keep him well.

My step dad came over and painted my dining room. It looks great. We are in the process of scraping the wallpaper off in the kitchen and he will paint it tomorrow.

I took Carson over to Kelley's so I could go to work for a little bit. She did end up having to give him a breathing treatment because he was wheezing a lot.

As for Cody, nothing much to report, he had soccer practice tonight and since it stormed, his practice was moved indoors. He is getting ready for the tournament this weekend in Raytown.

Coltan had a choir concert at Lee's Summit North. It started at 7:00 and lasted until almost 9:00. It was for the middle school and high school and there were only 17 songs between all the different groups. Charlie came down to my house and watched Carson so I didn't have to get him out in this weather. Good thing. I'm not sure we would of made it two hours. So after the concert, it took 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot. Not bad huh? So we finally made it home at 9:20 and Charlie had ordered pizza.

Tomorrow will be pretty busy. Coltan and I are driving to Columbia for his tournament this weekend, Cody's Grandma Hoffman is picking him up for the weekend and Carson is going to his babysitter for the weekend. Charlie took Carson home to his house tonight for the first time ever and I felt like I was sending him off to his first day of kindergarten. I was so sad when they pulled out of the driveway. He is going to spend the day tomorrow with Carson while I'm at work and then he is going to the farm this weekend to get ready for turkey season.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well today was a little better........

Well, Carson did decide to wake up at 2:15AM this morning and once again, he was running a 103.3 temp. I gave him some motrin and apple juice and took a cold wash cloth to his forehead. Finally about 4:00AM he finally went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 9:00AM.

Last night, Coltan came home with a huge study guide for his science class and at 11:15PM I told him to go to bed and instead of riding the bus to school, he could finish his last 6 problems and I would take him to school. So, at 7:15, I dragged my tired self out of bed and drove him there. When I came home, I had to get Cody off to school and then get Carson to the doctors for his recheck at 9:40.

9:40AM and I'm already for a nap!!!! Dr. Tarvin looked at him and thought he was on the mend. He is still not 100% yet but everyday I'm seeing a little more energy. His appetite still is small but hopefully it will be better tomorrow. He does still have the red spots on his back and stomach and just a few on his cheeks.

So after the doctor, I took him to Kelley's and off to work I go. My "new computer" has several virus and all I did today was download the Norton 360 and scan and whatever else I could think of to remove the virus.

Coltan and Cody spent the evening with their dad. He picked them up after school and went to his house and finished their homework. They then went down to Children's Mercy to see Gage. He is still on a lot of pain meds but is slowly getting better. After that, Chris brought the boys home to me around bedtime. Oh, and this Friday night, Jessica (Coltan and Cody's stepmother) will be induced and Friday night or Saturday morning the boys are going to have a little sister. Yea, about time one of us finally has a girl!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Carson has Roseola....

Yesterday, Carson woke up at 1:30AM crying and burning up. I took his temp and it was 104.7. I worked for 3 hours to get his temp back down. At 4:00AM it finally came down to 101.7. He then woke up around 9:00AM and his temp was back up to 103.1. He started developing red spots on his neck and down his back. So I was thinking Roseola. I called Dr. Tarvin and he was double booked but he told me to bring him in at 1:30 when the office opened back up from lunch. So we got in pretty quick and yes, Roseola it is. Since Carson didn't want to eat or drink all day yesterday and was absolutely miserable, Dr Tarvin decided to give him a shot instead of prescribing an antibiotic. Dr. Tarvin wants to see him again Wednesday for a recheck. For those of you who are not familiar with Roseola, the signs and symptoms are; Irritability, loss of appetite, fever ranging from 102-106. This part runs it course for about three days. Somewhere in that time, the red spots appear. They usually go away in about 7 days. He probably picked this virus up somewhere because he was recently on steroids for his asthma flare up a week ago. Every time his asthma is real bad, we have to put him on steroids and this basically depletes his immune system and we pick up everything that's out there. Hopefully one day we will get his asthma under control.

So last night, we got up about 2:30AM and he decided to throw up all over my bed. I had to wake up Cody to help me change my bedding and help with Carson until I could get control again. Cody is a great big brother!!!!

I did manage to get a few hours in at work today. Carson's babysitter, Kelley, told me to bring him over anyways. She said that he has probably exposed the other kids that she watches. Kelley watched Coltan and Cody when they were little so she is just another extended family member. So with the long term history, Carson is the boss of all the kids and he is the "favorite"!

Not much to report on Coltan and Cody. They are just hanging out with mom being bored while we tend to Carson. I will be taking Coltan to Columbia MO this weekend for a soccer tournament with his Juventus team. Cody plays on that team as well but his primary soccer team is Barcelona. Barcelona also has a tournament this weekend in Raytown and he will stay with his Grandma Hoffman. Cody's soccer coach said Cody needs to play with Barcelona because they will already be down 3 players. So we are getting prepared for yet another busy soccer weekend.

On another note, today is my niece Emma's birthday. Happy birthday Emma.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Carson turns 2.

Just look at that smile! How could he not get way to many gifts....

This is Carson's birthday cake. We had a John Deere theme. I bought this cake pan and Charlie iced and decorated it. It actually turned out cuter and tasted better than the Hyvee cake I bought.

This is a rare occasion. PaPa Clyde was able to come out and join us. This is a picture of the three of the four generations of Traywick's. I never thought to jump in on the picture.

Getting along.......

This is a rare occasion where the two were actually getting along. I think that was just so they could get more money out of me for the video games.

My little Porkchop

Here is Carson with our friend Bruce's cowboy hat on. Carson isn't sure what to think but we all loved it!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Todays the day

Hello everyone. Since we have friends and family from the west coast all the way to the east coast, I thought that this would be an excellent way to keep everyone informed.

Coltan has been sick since last week so he has been in bed. He went to the doctor on Friday and he said it was the begining of the flu. So he has had a very uneventful weekend.

Cody was in a soccer tournament this weekend (I know shocking), and they lost the first game 2-3. My mom took him so I could go into work for a few hours but it sounds like it was better for me because she said it was so cold and it was spitting freezing rain. Only in the midwest 80's one day and cold and freezing rain the next. Anyways, his next game they won 2-0 and then had a third game this morning at 8:00AM. and they won that one as well. My Mom took him today because Carson was under the weather and we didn't want to get him out. So they won two of the three but did not qualify for the finals. I talked to his coach and he said the boys did great since they had to play up and were playing against boys that were 1 and 2 years older than them.

As for Carson, he is still battling his asthma. He hasn't had a bad flare up in about a week so that's good news. But all of a sudden today, he was running a temp. It started out at 102.6 and within 45 minutes, it was up to 104.5. Got some cold liquids in him and tylenol, motrin, and at the request of Charlie, cold wash cloths and it finally went down to 101.7 around 7:30. But at 8:30, his fever spiked back up. So, we aren't sure what's going on with him. All I know is that from 12:00-3:30 all he wanted for me to do was rock him and then Charlie got here and pretty much held him until 8:30. Not my typical energized Carson. Hopefully we'll have better luck tomorrow or we will be calling Dr Tarvin.

On a side note, Coltan and Cody's step brother was rushed to Children's Mercy tonight for an emergency ruptured appendix. They said it had just ruptured but enough to seep the bad stuff out. So he will have to stay for a week or so to get some strong antibotics. I'm wishing Gage a speedy recovery.

I will try to post some pictures in the next few days of the boys. I cannot believe how much any of them have grown. Until then......