Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a crazy weekend

Well I managed to get my payroll done and Coltan off to his Coach and grab Cody and Carson and our luggage and off we went. We ended up rolling in to St Louis around 1:00AM. Cody and Carson slept most of the way down and I just got 3 1/2 hours of music and peace and quiet. It was kind of refreshing.

We woke up Saturday and Cody had two games. He played the number 1 ranked team in Missouri and won. They also won the second game. After the second game we ran to Wal Mart so I could put all of the pictures from my camera to a CD. I have them so I will download some this week.

I called Coltan who was also in a tournament and they won their first game 4-1 against 16 year old girls. The boys are only 13 and 14 so they were big headed about that. The next game they played they tied 2-2. He seemed to be having fun with the coach's family. For those of you who don't know, Brad and Kenda have 7 (YES NOT A TYPO) kids and they are always having fun doing something. So it sounded like he was glad I was out of town.

Anyways, Saturday night we went back to the hotel and Cody said he didn't want to go swimming because he was tired. So he got ready for bed and I put Carson on the other bed with his cars andplayed while I sat and did my English assisnment on line. I think I actually got to bed myself around 11:30.

Sunday we woke up and I decided to go ahead a check out. We were in a really nice Doubletree but it came with a price. Like for instance, when I checked in Saturday morning at 1:30, I asked Bob (the hotel clerk) if they had continental breakfast. This is something that we usually get for the team to help out a little on cost. His exact words were "breakfast is served form 6AM-10:30AM and told me where it was at. So Saturday morning after Cody got up, I took him down to feed him. It was all buffet style and he got a plate with scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and a glass of apple juice. Boy was I shocked when a lady appeared from no where and placed a ticket down for $17.99. Yup, that was how much it cost. Then, I went to do my homework that night and found out that they didn't have free internet like the rest of the hotels in America. So that cost me another $9.95. So I decided that it would be better to drive home after the last game instead of paying another $125.00 a night. After all, I'm a college student now.

So anyways, Cody played really well and they ended up winning both games. We are so far undefeated for the two tournaments (8 games). I looked him up on the national website and his team is listed 297 in the nation, 47Th in the Midwest, and 4Th in the state. Every tournament we are in will give us more points so we will continue to climb up if we play well. So our next trip is Oct 12-14 and we are going back to St Louis to win against the number 1 team again so we can kick them out of first.

Coltan also played and they tied again but the way it worked out, we ended up in the finals. They won and took first as well!!

It was an awesome weekend for my two soccer stallions.

Today we got back in town around 2:00AM. Cody's 6:30 game didn't start until almost 7 and after it was over we stopped to eat and hit the road. So 2AM it was. We didn't do much of anything today for above reasons. I did manage to re clean my kitchen, take trash out, got the rest of my English done and read a chapter for history, and went to dinner for my step-dad's birthday. It ended up being a pretty good time and we had really good steaks.

Anyways, I've got a test tomorrow in Math so I better get back my homework.

I still have some pictures of Carson at the park, Cody playing soccer, and I found some cute ones from six flags that I will try to get posted this week. We don't have ANY doctor appointments this week so hopefully I'll find time.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.....

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Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Wow, 17.99 for eggs and bacon. I hope that was the best breakfast he has ever had!!! Sounds like a pretty fun weekend otherwise. I hope your math test went well today!!! Thinking of you all.