Friday, August 29, 2008

I need a vacation

Well I was up til about 2:00 working on homework and long behold, Carson was up by 5:45 looking for his dad. He just doesn't understand that daddy has his own house and mommy and daddy aren't together. So I'm the strong one that picks up the pieces. I did however have Charlie meet us Wednesday at penguin park and took lots of pictures of Carson having a ball. I will post them after I take my memory stick to Wal-Mart. Cody practices real close to that park so when I'm up north I usually have Charlie meet us so he can spend a little more time with Carson.

Anyways, the storm cancelled Coltan's practice but not Cody's. It's amazing what 35 minutes away from each other means for the weather. Cody must have been just north of it and he said they didn't get in the storm until they were driving home. But down at my house, the lightening was something else. I was just waiting for lightening to strike my house but thank goodness we stayed safe.

So after practice last night, the boys helped me cook dinner and then we worked on getting everyone packed up. I will be taking Cody and Carson with me to St Louis for Cody's soccer tournament and Coltan has been adopted by his soccer coach since he is also in a tournament here in KC.

So now I'm rushing to get payroll done (I know it really does look like I'm working right now doesn't it......Denise), and then back to get Coltan off with his Coach and then gather the other two up and off we go. I asked my dad to stay here for the weekend so he can take care of my dogs so I will have to grab him a few things to snack on as well.

So if anyone is interested in a trip to Vegas, Aruba, Maine, a rubber wall room, let me know. I'm thinking I'm ready for a couple days without my three lovely babies.


Regan said...

I've been reading your blog when I've had free moments. I'm amazed by how much you're balancing and how well you seem to be doing it. I think I'm getting close to joining you on a trip to Aruba or a rubber wall room!
Hang in there and I hope your weekend goes well.

Denise said...

Despite all the teasing we give each other, I know you work really hard to be a good mom!! We really need to do lunch!

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I would LOVE a vacation right now. I did go to Lake Powell but I need a vacation from my vacation! A few days away from my little family sounds so good but the only possibilty of that happening would be for me to find a rubber room lol!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

Pam said...

I am totally ready for the Rubber room vacation!! Let's go!!

I hope things slow down soon.

(I posted a new post on my blog just after you commented. Things are good!!)

Sending lots of loves to you guys!