Monday, September 22, 2008

My 100th post and nothing to exciting to report

Well it was a pretty peaceful weekend. Friday Chris called me and told me that he got bumped on his shift so he now has Friday and Saturday off. So he surprised Coltan and Cody at the bus stop and took them with him for the weekend. Carson and I went and had dinner with my mom and step dad. They were leaving Saturday morning to take my niece to Des Moines for a soccer tournament. Aspen travels as much and maybe a little more than Cody.

Saturday I was up again in the middle of the night with Carson for his asthma. My dad was going to watch him for me so I could work but he has not been around Carson's medicines enough for me to feel comfortable to leave him. My dad probably sees Carson 4-5 times a week but I'm always there and that just seem like a lot to put on someone if they don't have a clue. So with that said, I did go into work for a little bit and I did take Carson with me so I could get something done. I did however manage to lose my mind and we ended up not staying all that long. He is just soooooo busy.

Coltan and Cody had soccer games as well. They both played the first game at 11:00 and Chris said that they won 4-1. Cody did get one of those goals. Coltan usually plays defender on this team. Cody played again at 1:30 and they lost 1-0. This is the team that does travel everywhere and we are 11 and 12 year olds that play up. So they are playing boys who are 14. We really don't worry if the boys lose these games because we are playing the older boys for the challenge. We play boys in our age group and dominate every game. The problem with that is we actually get weaker because there is not a challenge. So this league gets us prepared for our tournaments. We do have one game coming up that is also in this division and are boys from our age group. So Denise and I will be rooting for both teams and all of the parents will be looking at us like we are crazy (sound familiar Denise? I believe that was West Des Moines last year wasn't it?)

Anyways, Sunday I just played catch up on my house. I went in and did a detailed cleaning on my kitchen and my bedroom. I then ran around and vacuumed and dusted the rest of the house. Carson was in real rare form today and every time I picked up his toys, they would be right back on the floor again. He was trying to push my buttons. But he kept looking at me and would smile like he was innocent. Chris brought the boys back after Coltan's game tonight( he won that one 3-1). I was going to go but had a change of plans because of Charlie. Not a good day for us. Anyways, I had to take them out for dinner because I didn't know that they hadn't eaten before getting dropped off and after that we ran to Wal-Mart to buy cereal, milk, apple juice, trash bags, and cascade. My how quick you can drop $50.00.

So it was a pretty nice weekend. I spent all weekend with Carson so he should be loads of fun when I take him back to Kelley's on Tuesday. I always joke with her and ask her to put Carson back on his schedule because he always falls off track when he is with me. So I will apologize in advance..........

We only have one appointment this week and it is with O.T. on Wednesday. So hopefully it won't be to stressful.


Wendy said...

It sounds like you are frazzled. So sorry you don't get straight sleep (I went through that for a while with the two little ones, but they are doing better lately). You have so much to juggle.

denise said...

Since when do we worry about what other people think??!! Games are a lot more fun when you are with friends!! Go Cody and Alec!!