Monday, September 29, 2008


Okay, Carson is 2 years, 5 months old and because of his length, he is wearing 24 months. But because of his weight, he still fits in 18 months. So unless I want his shorts to be short and his jeans to look like he is ready for a flood, I have to go big. I rolled his waist up but still had problems. There were some girls warming up behind us and every time he lost his pants, the girls would all laugh and tell him that they see his elmo butt (the diaper). Carson could have come home with lots of phone numbers if I would have let him. He was actually enjoying losing his shorts.


Spaghetti said...

He is way too cute to care about a belt plus it is a pain in the butt. Pardon the pun. To answer your question, yes it was for my teaching mathematics class. I figured it to be when I turned 31 and nine months. My one friend at work has a math wizz on her hands and he figured it to be 31 and 7 months, incase you wanted to know some useless trivia.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Ok, I am really going to bed after this, but I just received your comment. I just wanted to say: YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thanks for everything, although you brought out some of the tears again : ).

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

Ok... way too cute! We are having the same problem with Ava. She's getting so tall but not gaining any weight! I found that Old Navy and Gap pants are the best because they have an "adjustable" waist, not just stretchy!

Rachel said...

Totally laughing my butt off. That is so stinkin cute Kaci!!!

Melana is only 14 mo old and she is wearing some 18 month clothing. She's such a hoss. LOL the new backdrop on your blog. Wish I could figure out how to change mine. I'm dumb in that department.

PSS...I am doing good. Living life and working hard. BObby and I are trying at things, but we had another set back yesterday and we go from talking to not. I'm just gonna concentrate on the kids and hope it all gets better soon.


Melissa Beth said...

So adorable! He is such a cutie. Sorry we missed you at CMH. I haven't been checking blogs much lately it seems like and read that kinda late. I'm actually going to change our blog soon to a family blog- Jack's life was created so quickly when we thought we were going to lose him- we didn't spend much time on the design. :) Now I want a family one that I'm changing a bit. So when I have that I'll let you know. :)

We don't have any more appointments for a while, I think a week or two, so that's nice. Your head must be spinning with all of your appointments! :) I have family coming into town this weekend so I won't be on here much but I just wanted to say hi! :) I love your new blog background.

Talk to ya soon!!!
Miss :)

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