Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cody playing soccer this weekend

My son is the one on the ground. He did a slide tackle and pushed the ball to another team mate.

Cody is number 3 and we are in our white jersey's.

Just another action shot with my great camera.

We ended up losing 0-3 and I was actually very shocked. I really thought we dominated the ball. Anyways, it just gives our boys something to look forward to the next time we play this team.

Denise, you could have warned me about Alec. Holy Cow. Is he taller than us now? And his hair, he cut it all off. I would have never recognized him if it weren't for Jimmy standing by me. Your so going to have the girls chasing after him if they aren't all ready!!! It was good to see him but I did miss seeing you. You were the only reason I came to that game (okay, I was really there for Cody but I'm trying to give you a guilt trip).

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denise said...

I really did miss being at that game and cheering the boys on....but I had the joy of watching Aaron play think Alec has changed....that Cody looks like he should be in high school!! Jimmy thought Carson was adorable....he has not seen him in awhile...Jimmy did ask that you buy Carson a belt....sagging is one thing, but I heard his pants were at his ankles! He's our little Emma, hah! Look forward to future blogs!