Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Never a dull moment

So my plans today when I woke up at 6AM was to get the boys on the bus, get ready for school, then go to work. God had different plans for me. Coltan comes in this morning after eating breakfast (Lucky Charms) and he has broken his front tooth. Not so lucky. So I tell him to go back to bed and we would call the dentist when they open. Then I realize I don't usually take the boys to the dentist and I have no idea who he is. So I called Jessica (Coltan's stepmom) and she says she would call and make the appointment. She called back and said 1045 and that was working him in. So we get ready and run Carson to the sitters and off we go. Now for those of you who do not know Coltan, he has had braces since Jan 07. Apparently this is a problem. So Dr Goodheart says I need to take him to the ortho and get that part of his wire and brace off. I call the ortho and they said sure bring him in now. So I have to make an appointment to come back at 2:30 so they can fill the broken tooth. In the meantime, I call Jessica back and plead my case so she says she can handle the afternoon appointments so I can go to work. As I'm checking out with the dentist, the receptionist tells me that we will owe $66.20 for my portion of the tooth. Then I go to pay and now the total is $113.80. HOLY COW!!!! I ask why it is more and she informs me that I also have to pay a $47.00 office visit???? I guess the 120.00 he is making off of the tooth isn't enough? That doesn't seem so goodhearted to me. So I leave and take him to the ortho who doesn't charge me anymore than my time and I run him back to his dad and stepmoms. I questioned the bill to Jessica and she said she would question it as well when she took him.

So after all of that, I went to work and got about three hours of paper work in. I then left to grab Cody and take him to his drop off spot for carpooling to soccer. I called Coltan and after deciding that he was staying at his dad's Jessica got on the phone and told me that she took Coltan and got his tooth filled and got me $87.00 back. WAHOO!! I guess we can eat dinner now:-). She talked to a different lady and they agreed I was overcharged.

So other than that, my day was really calm.............

Carson and I will be back at CMH tomorrow for two appointments. After tomorrow we will be 3 down, 18 to go before Dec 3rd. Look how that number is decreasing!! But remember, GI still hasn't got back with me on Carson's Oct visit so it will really be 19. Anyways, we are going back to OT at 0930 and then Asthma/Allergy/ Immunology at 1045. Looks like another fun filled day for us. Please pray that Carson can make 4 hours at CMH. It is a lot to ask a two year old for.


Wendy said...

Sounds like dr. visits keep you very busy. My ES has braces, too. I took him on Mon. to the Ortho. Now this morning, I have to take YS to get immunizations. Hope Carson manages the lengthy appointments. I left a reply comment for you on my blog.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

What a way to break a tooth. I guess he will have to start eating oatmeal : )!!!

Good luck tomorrow.

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

Good luck at your appointments today! Hope Coltan is doing ok. I once broke a tooth on a frozen snickers bar and it sucked!