Sunday, September 21, 2008


I came across this wonderful family and I would like everyone to help me pray for them. First off, they have a beautiful daughter and son. Kyle was born in 1995 (Coltan and Cody's birth year, no, they are NOT twins), and when I came across his story it hit very close to home considering this amazing little boy is my boys age. He was born with CHD. His family is from Iowa and they have been coming down to Children's for appointments and now it looks like his case is being transferred to a Children's hospital in St. Louis. He is looking at a heart transplant. So I know how we can pray for him, his health, and the strength of their family. Please stop by his blog and let them know that we are all rooting him on. Thanks


Wendy said...

What is the address of Kyle's blog?

Wendy said...

Super-duh! I see it on your blogroll now! I'll check it out and keep him in my prayers.