Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Signing times preview

Signing Times is having a competition and the winner gets the all new Baby Signing Times Volumes 1-4 free.

So the Top 10 reasons we love Signing Times
10. Carson has communicated with me since he was around one and that has helped me understand important things. (like his ear hurts, meaning another ear infection).
9. Carson is learning more words everyday and retains them so well
8. Carson has started to identify some small words that he has seen on Signing Times.
7. Carson knew how to count from 1-10 before he was 18 months old.
6. Carson could say his ABC's before 18 months old
5. I can take a shower in the morning and leave him in the playpen for a few minutes with Signing Time and he is perfectly content.
4. Carson has asthma and when we are at big brothers soccer games, he likes sitting in the vehicle and watch the Signing Time videos.
3. All three of my boys will sit in front of the TV and we all learn together as a family. Then one more than one occassion, we have made it into a game to see who knows more.
2. I love watching people just be amazed with how smart a little boy can be. It's my bragging moments.

And my favorite reason,
1. When we travel all the time for soccer tournaments it makes our 4 hour drives so much easier if we are watching Signing Time while we are driving. Thanks Rachel for that!!!

Carson currently knows more than 300 words just from watching Signing Time exclusively. He reached his 100 word mark somewhere around 18-20 months. He is now 2 years 5 months and his vocabulary has expanded to over 300 words. I have seen first hand how beneficial these videos have been for us and I'm so excited about more videos coming out. I usually pre-buy the videos and we currently own all from Baby, Series 1, Series 2, and the ABC,123 practice series. Carson would much rather watch these videos than Sesame Street, Blues Clues, or any other popular kids series.

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