Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hanging at the Bow Range with Daddy

Charlie left for Wyoming to go Antelope hunting and the night before we went up north to see him for a little bit. We started off at the bow range and then we went to Cabelia's where Carson always goes crazy. Then to Famous Dave's for dinner.

Charlie and I got up at 3:00AM to get him packed and out the door. With everything going on, Carson woke up around 5:00AM and Charlie left town at 5:30. So I really thought Carson would go back to sleep but boy was I wrong. We are both walking around like zombies.


Carey said...

cute cute cute pictures! Looks like my family! We love Cabela's too! and famous daves?!! their catfish fingers are the BEST! Now I'm hungry. Better get to bed!

Spaghetti said...

Hey, quick question did you ever have to figure out when you had lived a billion seconds? let me tell you I really stink at problem solving. I think I got it but we will see if I did it right.

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

Very cute pictures! We actually took Ava to Cabella's for the very first time this past Saturday. She loved the aquarium and feeding this fish. I'm sure glad that my sister-in-law Kay was with us to help me chase Ava around the store!

Oh yes, one more thing... you gave me my very first blogging award! Woo Hoo!!!! I was so excited!