Thursday, September 11, 2008

Occupational Therapy Update

Well we ended up having a pretty good night last night. I had Charlie down for dinner so he could spend some good quality daddy time with Carson. I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and for dessert, I make some chocolate brownies. The downside was my kitchen became a diner. Charlie came down and we sat down with Carson to eat. Then after soccer practice, I fed Cody, then Coltan and his friend Jarrad went with my mom to the Lees Summit North boys soccer game so when they got back at 9:00 I finally fed them. My kitchen wasn't back in order til 11:00 PM. But on a good note, I fed 6 (including Carson) for less than $20.00. Can't beat that!!!!

Carson's asthma started back up again yesterday around noon so I had to put him back on breathing treatments every 6 hours. That is always good times. Anyways, he decided that he just HAD to go home with Charlie so I had to pack everything but the kitchen sink up to take to daddy's house. (Okay, maybe I'm being a "little" dramatic). Anyways, I took advantage of not having a two year old running around and read a lot in my history book so I think I might be a little ahead of my lectures. As for English, we are writing a paper and I'm pretty much done with that.

Then the beauty of falling in love with a Crime Scene Supervisor and then bearing his child........the phone rings at 7:15AM and Charlie got called in for a homicide. So, I thought first OMG something is wrong with Carson and his asthma. Nope, Charlie just letting me know that he was taking Carson to Aunt Danita's for a few hours so that he can take the call. Aunt Danita hasn't been around Carson that much but Charlie is trying to correct that. So she is not fully aware of ALL of Carson's medicines. Danita is a dietitian at a couple of hospitals and also has a son that had asthma (he outgrew it). So I knew Carson would be in great hands. I called over there this morning to get Carson started on all of his meds and to my surprise, he was doing exceptionally well considering this is probably only the 5th time he has ever been around her. Charlie did take him over to her house last week for dinner so I'm hoping that was a contributing factor for him not acting out with her. I'm just really glad that Carson is finally getting the chance to meet his family. If you haven't figured it out by now, family IS everything to me.

As far as his doctor's appointment. We had to be there at 1:00. This appointment is a result from his swallow test back in June. They are going to try to teach Carson how to eat different textures so he doesn't choke all the time (like Saturday). Today was really more of just an evaluation so we really didn't get into much. We started out by building blocks, drew some lines with crayons and then used scissors, you know, motor skills stuff. After that we went to another room and used different swings to check out his strength. He actually had a lot of fun. Then we played in a ball pit and finally it was snack time to see how well he eats. Well for the sake of the appointment, he choked on his liquid. So unlike the car mechanic where you take your car in and it runs just fine, Carson actually showed them that his swallowing is not. So then she told me that we will start a more structured therapy starting next week for a total of 12 weeks in a row. Yup, 12 more appointments to the already 10 I have scheduled for Carson. Oh and did I mention that Cody has a Dr. appt on Dec 1st and Coltan has his orthodontist check up every 6 weeks? I'm thinking about hiring a nanny. Anyone looking to work really hard as a loving nanny to Carson but for dirt cheap? Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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