Monday, September 22, 2008

Occupational Therapy 9/17

I took a lot of pictures from 9/17. Remember now, Carson did have two appointments and then my step-dad, mom, Carson, and I went to eat lunch. So I decided to break down my pictures into three individual blogs. This is the first one. I will publish the next one tomorrow and so on. This way I don't overload you on pictures. It is just so hard to pick the cute ones when I had so many. Here is where our O.T. started out. We had a lot of fun at first and then when he couldn't feel the bottom with his feet, he was ready to get out.

Carson really likes the tire swing. He played on this last week as well and didn't like having to get off of it.

This was to work on his upper body strength. He got to swing and fall off onto the pillows. Probably not one of his favorites.

Here he is concentrating. I always love his expressions. Nancy put some beads in the play-dough and he had to try and get them out. He probably stayed focused on this project the longest without losing interest.

Another swing. I love his little personality. He just makes everyone smile. After this, we played with some cars and basketball. He was real mad when our time was up. We went from having a lot of fun with Nancy in O. T. to the boring asthma clinic. I don't think I will be making that mistake again. ( Note to self, never schedule OT first, bad idea).


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Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

First off all...I don't know why it is that no one can leave Wal-Mart without spending at least $50, Nate and I were just having that discussion the other day. Second, you could never overload us with pictures of Carson. He is such a doll. He definitely looks like he is enjoying that tire swing. I hope that his asthma is doing better. I am sure that is very frustrating for you both. Well, just thought I'd let you know that I am thinking about you guys as always.