Monday, December 21, 2009

Pumpkin Patch day 2

Here is day 2 at the pumpkin patch. Since Halloween fell on a Sat, the patch stayed open on Sun Nov 1. Buddy gave us some passes for the train and after Cody played soccer (and won!) we ran back to Caroline's Pumpkin patch for one last day of fun there.

Look at that love! Carson really loves Cody. He is always trying to take care of him for me. I love the bond that these two boys have.I love this picture because Carson is wanting to hold his brothers hand.
This was the LAST train ride for the pumpkin patch in 2009 and we were on it....actually, we were the only ones on this ride.
Another visit to see the turkin. Carson really thought he was cool.
A quick spin around the track.This was our last picture on the way out the door. Carson can't wait to go back next year.


Shari said...

Carson is so cute! I really like all the pictures and adventures you have shared. Please forgive me for not commenting. All the posts on my blog are written in one day and scheduled. My time is short lately and Curtis is going back to residential care next week.

lonestar said...

how fun! love the picture of Carson holding his brother's hand, so sweet :).