Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our first snow day!!

Well we had our first official snow day today. We only had about an inch of snow but we had all the freezing rain last night so that made our roads slick this morning. Coltan and Cody hung out with me and we just stayed home and watched a little TV and did some laundry. Fun, fun. It is supposed to get even colder tonight....-2!! Now that is cold.

Carson was supposed to have an occupational therapy this morning but his therapist called and cancelled her morning kiddo's. We are supposed to go tomorrow morning if the roads are better. Unless the wind blows everything back on the streets, the roads should be okay.

This weekend was a lot of fun. Coltan, Carson, and I headed to Chicago with my parents and two of my nieces. We spent some time shopping on Michigan Ave and since it was cold, Carson and I did a lot of indoor things. I took Carson to the Shed Aquarium and the Planetarium. I have been to Chicago close to 10 times and this was the first time I ever went up to the Sears Tower...or the Skydeck. We have always gone up John Hancock in the past so I thought I would try the Sears Tower this time. I asked Carson what his favorite things were and he said riding the Trolley to the Navy Pier, seeing Santa, and riding in the cabs. He also liked the penguins and dolphins at the Aquarium.

Coltan stayed with my mom and got some new clothes, shoes, and a winter coat. Coltan has gotten so tall that most of his clothes are to short on him. He really had a great time shopping. I was surprised and figured he would spend most of his time with Carson and I but I was wrong.

Cody stayed in town because he didn't want to walk around and shop. Cody hates shopping. He also had a game in St Louis on Sunday and Grandma Ann took him. They played a really good team that just won a very hard tournament and they creamed them. Cody alone scored 7 goals!! Cody said he wasn't sure what the final score was because they stopped counting after 12 goals.

Cody had another game yesterday and they won 14-2. He played defender the first half and goalie the last. The two goals scored was when he wasn't playing goalie. He had two really good shots on him and I'm still not sure how he deflected them.

That pretty much sums up our week so far. Just trying to stay warm is the most important thing right now.

These pictures were taken a while back and I just downloaded them. Carson was hamming it up in my shoes.
Here he is dancing for me. Aspen taught him some Michael Jackson moves and this is some of them.
One more post before we go....


Lacey said...

Man they never call off school here. Even if it snows 5 feet. Its so annoying!

ParkerMama said...

It looks like you are living a busy but very fun life.

lonestar said...

Wow, way to go Cody!

-2, yikes, try to stay warm :)