Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Curious George comes to town

Last month Curious George came to town and Carson was so excited. Charlie asked if he could get us all tickets for the show and he actually did very well. He got tickets that were 3rd row right in the center. It turned out to be a perfect night. Carson had so much fun.

I have always called Carson Curious George because he is always into everything and he climbs on my furniture like a monkey. Here are just a few pictures from the show. Before the show we waited patiently.
Curious George making some meatballs.

At the end of the show, Carson just wanted to go see George. It's to bad he didn't come out and shake hands with the kiddos.
Overall, the show was really cute and well worth the money. Carson is already hoping that he comes back next year. I just hope if he does, we can get those seats again. Hee hee


Shari said...

That's cool! Where is his NG tube? Did he lose it for good? It looks like he had lots of fun!

Wendy said...

Looks like so much fun. I love Curious George!

Lindsey said...

Curious George was my fav as a kid. I'm so glad it's still around!

I will email you soon to see when we can meet up. I'm trying to organize a schedule now.