Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pumkin Patch.....a little late

I know, more older pictures that I'm just getting around to posting. I'm trying to put these pictures on here because when I get around to catching up on my scrap booking, I will use these as a reference.

Carson actually went to the pumpkin patch two days in a row. Caroline has a son Charlie who plays with Cody in soccer and I have gotten the privilege of getting to know this wonderful family. Carson has really taking a liking to Buddy as well. They were kind enough to give me some passes for Carson and this really is one of Carson's favorite things to do. He went last year and remembered all the fun things to do before we even got there this year.

We didn't do this last year because we showed up late and missed the last tractor. This year we had a lot of rain and I was surprised to see some of the small ponds that the tractor pulled us through without getting stuck. It was a little bumpy which was perfect for Carson. He loved the tractor ride. One quick picture of Carson with mommy before the tractor took us to the pumpkin patch.
Carson carefully checking out the pumpkins for the right one.
He was trying to pick up the heavy pumpkin. Last year Carson couldn't feed the animals without them tickling him. He did better this year and really had fun.
One quick picture.

This creature is called a turkin. Part turkey, part chicken.I have had more pictures of Carson and I lately. Now I need to work on Coltan and Cody. Haha

I wanted to get a picture of him in this wagon. I took some last year and thought it would be a neat place to take one every year and then compare the pics to see how much bigger he gets. So far, only in inches. LOL


lisaschaos said...

He always looks so happy. :) Picking out a pumpkin at the patch is the best! :)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Came to your blog from Gutsy Writer. I, too, am a mom of three sons. 24, 21, and 17. In case you are wondering if you will survive, indeed you will. And they will love you. Always.

Most impressive that you are getting your degree. Never give up. Never give in.

Lindsey said...

Better late then never! Too cute. Can't wait to meet Carson.