Monday, December 14, 2009

Carson and me today.....

So I'm in my bedroom putting away some laundry and Carson comes in and is hopping on one foot and trying to kick a soccer ball with the other. I ask him what he is doing and this is our conversation.

M Carson what are you doing?
C I'm teaching my friends how to play soccer.
M Did Coltan and Cody teach you that move?
C No, I'm taught myself and now I'm teaching my friends.
M What friends?
C My friends over here (he walks into the hallway and lifts his hands up like they are right there).

M Ohhhh.
C Aren't you going to say hi to my friends mom?
M Hi, I'm Carson's mom
C (turning to his invisible friends), Don't worry, my mom is just jealous cause I have so many friends.

Wow, do you think these friends can watch him now so I can get back to work full time????

Here is a little pose of my cutie just wanting to say Happy Monday.


Lacey said...

Oh boys and their imaginations. Love it!

GutsyWriter said...

I'm so happy he has so many friends.

brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

Cute! :) Glad to see the boys are doing so well.

Angie said...

Too cute!!! Love the imagination.

Being Brazen said...

that is so very cute. What a precious little guy.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

*hugs *

lisaschaos said...

That's adorable! I had invisible dogs when I was a kid. :)