Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Cody!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY QUIN!!!!! I cannot believe that 14 years today, you can into my life. I have truly been blessed. Cody you were my easiest pregnancy and easiest delivery. You have always been (most of the time) my easy going child. You mostly just go with the flow and have made me so proud. Thanks for being such a great kid.
You have always been a great brother to Coltan. Yes you two have your moments but for the most part, you have been good friends.
You are a great big brother to Carson. You know how to change his diaper, give him baths, feed him through the tube, give him breathing treatments, and just be a good snuggler or train builder. Carson goes into your room everyday and sits in your bed waiting for you to get home from school. Thanks for being so good to Carson.
Here is a rare moment that we stop and take the time to grab a picture together. I have always enjoyed watching you play soccer.
We have really been all over this year.
  • Jan your Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman took you and Coltan to Lincoln NE for a soccer tournament.
  • Jan, Feb, and Mar you were in Columbia for ODP
  • April we went to Springfield IL to only come home early due to a snow storm. That is where we got stuck in the mud hole parking lot. LOL
  • April, the very next weekend, we left Sat morning for Des Moines IA. Your first game wasn't until noon so we headed up that morning. You played the first game, went to lunch came back and played your second game. Then the blizzard warnings took place and we left and headed back to Kansas City in the sleet. What a long day that turned out to be.
  • May we went to Springfield MO for State Cup and you WON
  • June we headed to South Dakota for regionals. We didn't do as well as we wanted but it was a fun experience. Then we made our family vacation out of it and headed to Mt Rushmore.
  • July we laid low and just went to the Lake of the Ozarks and hung out for a weekend.
  • July you got on the bus and headed to Rock Falls IL for your ODP soccer tournament.
  • Aug was another slow (but needed) month. We had a couple of local tournaments.
  • Sept we were off to St Louis for a tournament
  • Oct we went back to St Louis for a tournament.
  • Oct we had another tournament in St Louis and they ended up with tons of rain. The whole tournament was flooded and we were notified on Fri at 2PM...same day we were leaving. By 2:45 we were told to head to Wichita for a different tournament and we kicked butt. We had 1 goal against us the whole tournament.
  • Nov we headed to Memphis for another tournament
  • Dec you had Grandma Ann take you to St Louis for a game and it was one of your best. You ended up scoring SEVEN goals.

Cody, we have had a great year with lots of fun. You have gotten the opportunity to travel to a lot of neat places. I'm looking forward to another fun filled year with you.

So now I hope everyone understands why my vehicle that is barely two years old, already has 68,000 miles on my car. Cody, I can't wait til you get a part time job and start helping out with the gas. LOL

With all of that said, I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Cody is with Chris right now celebrating and then he has a soccer game at 4 so he is coming back here for his game and then my family is taking him to Kobe's. His favorite restaurant. Pictures later!


Lacey said...

Happy Happy birthday Cody!!!

lonestar said...

What a sweet post, happy birthday Cody!

kristi said...

What a sweet young man, my baby girl is 14 too!

ParkerMama said...

Wonderful update! Life is treating well, and you totally deserve it!

GutsyWriter said...

My middle son is also easy-going. I wonder if that's a trait of the middle one. Cody seems so well-balanced with his compassion for Carson and soccer for himself. I'm glad I saw a photo of you Kaci. Now I can visualize you. happy Birthday Cody.

lisaschaos said...

Cody's a great kid! Happy late birthday to him!

Lindsey said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy CoDy!!! What a sweet, sweet boy. Well actually, becoming a man. :)