Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well me and the boys hung out and played games last night. We played Price is Right, Smarter than a 5th Grader, and Deal or No Deal. We ended up having a really good time.

Carson actually went out around 11:30 last night. He almost made it but I held him so he was still with me. As soon as it struck midnight, Coltan and Cody had big plans to start their new year off playing PlayStation.

I put Carson down and did his feeds from 12:30-1:00 and then I was off to bed. I was up with him around 3:00 but he did go back to sleep around 3:30. He had another nightmare and was crying for daddy. I actually sat with him in his room looking out the window for daddy's car and rocked him back to sleep and laid him back down at 3:30. I was up again at 4:30 for his feeding. I may of hit my snooze button so it was more like 4:45. :-) So then I was back down and then my beautiful little Carson woke me up at 6:20AM.

I let Coltan and Cody sleep in and now we are talking about what our family expectations are for 2009. I know that I have them do a lot for me where Carson is concerned but when they are my only help, it's just how it works out. So I'm going to try and reward them more and we are talking about having a monthly family night doing something fun. We have thought about bowling, miniature golf, go carts, movie night, Dave and Busters, and so on. Hopefully we will get to do it all. We are also discussing some family vacations this year. Last year we ended up going to St Louis and with all of their soccer, it is really hard to squeeze it in. I want to go to North Dakota and have for several years. Cody would like to go to New York and Coltan says he would like to go to San Antonio. So there you have it. I'm sure Carson will enjoy what ever we decide.

We are also going to concentrate on one room in the house per month. I bought my house two years ago and I'm needing to make improvements on it and fix it how I want it. This month our goal is to get the rec room back up. My sump pump flooded last year and did over $12,000.00 worth of damage to my downstairs. Thankfully insurance paid $10,000.00 but I still haven't bought a couch yet. I did get a TV. The good thing is that once I buy my couch, insurance will pay for it as well so I need to get out and find one.

As far as soccer, well it is going to start up again and be just as busy. Coltan and Cody are actually taking off this Saturday for Lincoln, NE for a soccer tournament. Grandpa and Grandma Hoffman are kind enough to take them since Carson isn't allowed out of the house. I'm really sad about this because this is Coltan's third time ever traveling for soccer and he is SOOOOO excited. I would have loved to have gone but to get a commitment out of other people to watch him and just not being with Carson making sure he gets his 9 doses of medicine, 4 breathing treatments, and 6 feeds is something I'm not willing to risk.

Cody is in an indoor tournament the third week of Jan and then Coltan and Cody are in one the last week. (I think) I know they have 3 local tournaments coming up between Jan and Feb. Then March is Jefferson City and the MO team is either traveling to TN or AK. We aren't sure which one they are putting us in yet but it sounds like we are doing something. April is West Des Moines, IA, and Columbia MO, May is a two weekend out of town tournament in Springfield MO. Cody's coach is looking at Europe for June and then it is back to St Louis in July for the MO team. Then we will rest and start back up in late Aug/early Sept.

So we need lots of prayers our way so we can get Carson off of this house arrest and we can start traveling again. I will need to get back to work as well or I'm not going to be able to afford any of this. I know that if I'm not able, we always have the Hoffman's and Parker's (grandparents) that will help out. But I'm Coltan and Cody's mother and I want to be there.

So for the month of January we will be in full swing at soccer and as of right now, we have 5 doctor appointments scheduled for Carson and 1 ortho for Coltan.

I'm not sure about you, but my January is already looking quite busy for a start of a new year.

As far as myself, well some things that I would love to do or get back into is, working. I did have one of my employees go out and buy some software called PC anywhere. I'm going to download it into the two computers at work and my house so I can try to at least do paperwork and checks from home. It is connecting the three computers and making them shared networks. But I will be the only one with a password so no one can access the computer in my office. Next I have a whole stack of books just waiting to be read. My first book that I'm starting with is Chill Factor by Sandra Brown. If I could even get one book a month in, I would be so happy. I want to get back on my sewing machine and make some curtains for my kitchen and dining room. Those two rooms are pretty much where I want them. I have repainted, bought new dining room and kitchen table set and new decor for the rooms. So if I can get the curtains done, they will be complete! I would love to get some of my scrap booking done. That is something I have always took pride in. Going down memory lane and making keepsakes for my boys is priceless. Last but definitely most important, I need to get to church. Not being able to go for the last 6 weeks have been brutal on me. I'm going to have to figure out a way that I can go. I'm actually going to talk to Carson's doctor about this when we go this week. I cannot see any harm in taking Carson with me to church and have him surrounded by so many wonderful people that love and pray for him. Not to mention to feel God's presence so strongly while there.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's and I'm going to leave you with some pictures of my boys on Jan 1, 2009.

These first two pictures are of Carson signing bath.

He is just so happy to have a real bath. I had to tape his NG up real good so it wouldn't come off. He has been getting a lot of sponge bathes lately so we ended up taking a very long bath so he could play.

Coltan thrilled that I woke him up at 12:30PM. Uh, hello, the day is almost over!

Cody acting happy as well. They will get over it.


Aimee said...

Happy New Year... I think you've set some pretty good goals for the year. I need to do it but I'm dreading it at the moment!!! Hope all is well.... Loves

Pam said...

Ummmm HELLLOOOOOO, I think Aimee and I would both agree that coming to Utah should be your vacation. Can you imagine the fun that the three of us could have?

Shopping, lunches, movies, taking the kids minature golfing, Chuck E Cheese. Oh I could go on and on.

Then I could get my hands on Carson. :)

Do you need any NG supplies? We have a bunch and I would LOVE to send them to you.

We have dueoderm, and tegaderm, and even some extra tubes. Lemme know.

I also still need to call you about the Mickey Button. I LOVE it. So much better than an NG.

Sounds like you had a great New Year.

We love you guys.

Pam and Rhett

lisaschaos said...

Yeah the boys don't look very happy to be awake. :) Carson looks very happy to be playing in water though. :) Glad you all had a good celebration. Happy New Year!

Kyler's Mom said...

Glad to hear you had a Happy New year.

GOALS??? I am so jelouse. I really need to set some good goals like that and work on them. Great Idea!


Rachel said...

Just now catching up. My what a busy post. I'm exhausted just from reading it. I hope you get to do all that stuff before 2009 is over. the bath pics. He is such a doll baby!

Lee said...

Kaci, I read your blog often as I can and each time, I think back over the years I have known you. Nothing you do surprises me, you have always been a pillar when it came to your children. You always find that extra spurt of energy when others would have folded and given up. God has his arms around the four of you. Love ya, Lee H.