Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So what are your plans????

Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful time ringing in the new year. I cannot believe that 2008 is really coming to an end. But I think I'm ready for a new year as well. What a roller coaster 2008 was. It all started for me in April when we first went to the asthma clinic to try and get Carson some help. I will pray that 2009 will bring more answers to his health and a lot less doctor and hospital visits.

As far as Coltan, wow, I have seen him change in the course of a year as well. He has gone from a silly boy to a young man. He loves playing soccer and does so well in school. So far last year and this year, I have received a bumper sticker in the mail for him being on the honor roll. He is really good at singing and entertaining Carson for me while we are giving him a breathing treatment or trying to change his tape on his NG tube. Thank you for all of your help with Carson. I cannot tell Coltan how proud I am for that.

Cody, well Cody is stuck in the middle and some days I think he is challenging that. He has gotten taller, cuter, and more responsible. His soccer has progressed to a level that I'm still in denial about. To have a child in a sport and to be told that he is literally one of the best soccer players in the Midwest....what an honor. He has also grown up where Carson is involved. He has tried to step up and help with his breathing treatments, inhalers, and now his feeds. Mommy is very proud of you as well.

As far as me, well I'm praying that I will be getting out of the house more in 2009 and not just for doctor appointments. I really want to get back to work and focus on having a successful business. As far as Charlie and I??? We will see. We have had some good talks over the last few weeks and it is really nice to be able to sit and hold each other and talk about what we have to be thankful for. (CARSON) We have a very long way to go but we are certainly going to leave the door open and see what happens.

As for tonight, I'm not sure if Charlie is coming down or not. He went to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed him the Z pack. So we might need to wait another day before he comes down. The last thing we need is for Carson and I to get sick. That wouldn't be good. So the boys and I are going to hang out and maybe try to bake some cookies and rent a movie or something.

I have put together a few pictures over this year and I'm just amazed that in 12 months the boys could all look so different.

This is the train that Santa brought. Charlie and Carson have had a lot of fun playing with it. Cody wearing his fun shirts. He is always wearing shirts like this and all I can do is laugh.

Coltan hanging out

Carson looking out the window bored while he is getting a feed.

Carson's diaper leaked and soaked Charlie at the hospital. So Charlie had to strip down and wear a gown while his clothes dried. Pretty dang funny if you ask me. I told him that God works in mysterious ways and does have a great sense of humor.

This was Carson after his Nov 25th surgery. Does he look like a child that is getting ready to have a complete meltdown and stop eating? I'm baffled myself over this.

Cody hanging out and having a good time with mom

This was the boys this summer. Coltan with no hair and Cody with a lot

Coltan with all of his hair just one month before cutting it all off.

This picture was taken in March. Look at how much Carson has changed in just a few months.


Jaxsons Fight said...

my autistic son would love that train. I swear i'm going to call you I'm just waiting until I have a while to talk. I have to do that when I call my friends because we end up chatting for hours. After Jax therapist leaves at 2 then I have to run to the store, and when i get home I should have a few hours. Hopefully that is a good time for you too. Hugs from Lacey and Jax

Rachel said...

Great pictures!!!! Love all the pictures with Charlie and his son...wish he would be there more often....I know Carson would only get better and better. What is more important to ANYONE....a girl...or a child?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sorry, my attitude got the best of me.

Anyway...if i dont see you tonight....I love you guys and happy new year!

Lacia said...

I hope you have a great night tonight and 2009 brings a happier, and healthier year, for everyone.

Aimee said...

What great pictures. Have a happy new year!

Mike and Gail said...


Carolina Girl said...

Hey, thanks for the comment!!! Your family is so cute - Happy New Year to you!! :)

Rachel said...

At my and just thought i'd say hello. Hope you have a very Happy New Year. I just asked Melana...""Do you wanna see Carson...?" and she said "yea yea Mama"

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See she is typing for you guys....

happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix's Mom said...

Wonderful pictures! Just stopping by to wish a safe and very Happy New Year!
Take care

Tammy and Parker said...

Such a wonderful family. You are very blessed.

I especially love the picture of Carson so bored during a feed. :D

May you have the happiest of new years!