Friday, January 2, 2009


Okay well it only happen once today, but it was a first! I'm going to update you on the boys and save the best for last.

Coltan and Cody were picked up today around noon for Christmas at Jessica's dad's house. He waits until after everyone is done with Christmas in the city and then has a get together for the boys afterwards. He always buys one big gift for the kids to enjoy. A couple of years ago it was a trampoline. This year it is an X box 360. All four boys were given a lot of money for Christmas so they are planning on going to Best Buy and buy some games to go with.

Coltan and Cody are leaving tomorrow to go with the Missouri team to play in a tournament in Lincoln Ne. I actually had a few people ask me how far away that is from Kansas City and it is about a 3 1/2 hour drive for me but since the Grandparents are driving, probably closer to 4.

Aspen came over and brought Carson and I lunch. He slept last night from 11:45PM-4:30AM. He woke up crying and telling me he was scared. I asked him what was wrong and all he kept repeating was mommy and daddy together. One of the symptoms of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy is tightening in the chest and palpation's. I wonder if he is waking up to any of this and that is why he is scared? I'm sure he can't tell me this in words??? But he did wake up with a fever of 101.8. I gave him some medicine and finally got him back to sleep around 7AM. He did drink 4oz of cold apple juice for me so that was a small plus. He woke up for good at 9:15. So I was up from 12:30-1 and we were already up for his 4:30 feeding and then I got up from 8:30-9 and he was a tease when I thought I was going back to sleep after that.

Today he has sat around watching a lot of Scooby Doo and Everyone Love's Raymond. He ate 55 calories worth of Lucky Charms and did manage to drink another 3oz of water for me. Aspen brought me Long John Silver's and I got him a hot dog, french fries, and some of my chicken. He ended up eating about 4 bites of the hot dog and then put his head down. So that was very little calorie intake. He then laid down from about 6:00-8:00 so mommy did get a two hour nap as well. He has been up and did drink a little more water (about 2 ounces) and that has been it so far. His diaper has been dry since 4:00PM and it is going on 11:00PM. I have given him two feeds since then so where is this all going? I'm wondering if I should switch him to Pedilyte for a feed to make sure he isn't getting dehydrated. I have also noticed that we haven't had a bowel movement since Dec 31st. Is this just another problem or is this all related?

So now for the good news of the day......Carson was standing here this morning and looked at me and said bathroom. I said do you need a diaper change, and he said no. I said did you already go potty and he said no. I said, do you need to go potty, and he said yes. So I took him to the bathroom, took off his diaper and sat him on his singing potty and sure enough, the potty started singing. He was so excited. He didn't go very much but he did a little. This is the first time ever he has had any interest in going and with everything else going on, the Dr said to not even push it. So I hollered for Coltan and Cody and we did a potty dance. Carson was jumping up and down shouting we did it, we did it. It was the cutest thing. I'm so proud of him and I hope this is the beginning of something fun for Carson. Wish us luck.

Also, Cody and I had to change his tape today on his NG and he just let us do it!!! He didn't put up a fight once.

So mommy has had a couple of moments today where I was so proud of him. I'm thinking I'm going to go out and but him lots of stickers for his good work.


Mike and Gail said...

WAY TO GO!!! Yes, it is a proud mommy moment. Something to smile about. :D

Lacia said...

Oh I LOVE those potty moments! I hope they keep up. Can he come over and give Pierce a little push in that direction?? He has ZERO interest in the potty and I know he will fight me every step of the way. Cool big boy underwear (like Lightening McQueen, his FAVE) won't even convince him. I'll tell him he's a big boy and needs to wear big boy underwear, and he says "I not big boy, I baby". sigh....2 year olds aren't supposed to be able to outsmart you.

Phoenix's Mom said...

WAY TO GO BIG BOY! We are potty dancing with you!
Hope you have a good weekend!

Aimee said...

WAY TO GO CARSON. I'm so proud of you. One of my proudest moments as a parent was the day that Ava wanted to use the potty. Hope all is well. Loves...

Jaxsons Fight said...

WOW, what a big boy. You better go buy lots of stickers, you'll be a busy mommy. Yeah for Carson.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Way to go Carson!!! You are such a big boy for wanting to use the potty!!!

Maybe you can use some type of chart (or a couple different ones) and when he uses the potty he gets to put a sticker on it. If he takes a bite of food he can put a sticker on it as well (or a different one so he knows and you know what the stickers are for). You could even do it when he doesn't put up a fight with the tape. For some kiddos it works, others don't really care. But if he really likes stickers it may be a good incentive for him!!! Just a thought. I hope everything is going well. So does he have any appts. coming up besides the one in Feb. for his heart?

lisaschaos said...

The potty dance is awesome!

Have you found out more information about his condition?

Yay for x-box!

lonestar said...

Wow, way to go Carson!!! How exciting is that, isn't it great when it just clicks! Bitty was the same way when he finally decided to use the potty, not interested for the longest time and then one day decided to go for it (he still won't do #2 on the potty but hey, one step at a time right?).

Good for him and you too!