Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cardiologist appointment

Here we are in the sono room. Carson is really checking out what we are doing. Getting started.

He thought it tickled. He is too cute if you ask me.

Here is where Dr A is checking him out.

Back home he is modeling his monitor. The white gauze is actually what they use on burn patients but they use it to keep the wires close to his body without moving around.

Modeling the whole get up.

I had to tape it down a little better because the gel on it dries out and makes the stickers not stick so well. That is a close up as well as the monitor that he is carrying around.
Another shot of the leads.

Well this is going to be a shorter post but I just want everyone to know that we went to see the Cardiologist today and I got some VERY GOOD NEWS. But also a little news to show some concern on.

When we first got there they did hook him up to an EKG and then we went over and did a sono on his heart. Everyone in there couldn't believe how great my two year old was. He sat still while they did their stuff. It was really awesome to see the sonogram of his heart. She showed me the whole heart, the ventricles, valves, blood going in and pumping out.

So then Dr A came in and discussed his findings. First off, he said he could see where the doctors at the hospital would think LVH was present but he felt that everything was within normal limits. So I was so relieved. He did however tell me that because Carson is so skinny and because his skin is so thin that he could hear a heart murmur. I had no idea of this until now. He said nothing to be to concerned with that it should be able to close up on its own. Now he did tell me that he saw many episodes of bradycardia from his EKG from the hospital. Brady means slow so this is a pattern where his heart is beating at normal rate and then for no apparent reason, his heart slows down and just stays slow and then picks back up again. So he was given a holter monitor and we have the 5 leads on and he will stay on it until Friday morning. Then I will deliver it back to his office and they will download and Dr A will call me personally. He said just because the anatomy of his heart look alright, doesn't mean it is doing what it should be doing. But the good news is he felt like if this is what he thinks it is, medicine will help.

So I asked him what he thought about the sinkable episodes where his NG was concerned. He stated that he didn't think this was what was going on and didn't feel like it was related. He said if anything (are you all ready for this) he is going to push Dr R and make sure she keeps the NG in him for sure long term. One, he wants Carson to gain some weight because if he isn't eating and drinking, it messes with his something (I cannot remember the exact term) and that can mess with his heart rate. Second, if for some strange reason that the NG is causing the this problem than he wants to continue to keep it in so if Carson does have some other problem besides the bradycardia , we can catch it. Third, if again we take it out and Carson isn't drinking fluids, then he is going to be dehydrated and that elevates the blood pressure which again will put a strain on his heart and kidneys.

So that is about it for now. We have two more appointments tomorrow and two more on Friday so hopefully we are getting a little closer to what is going on with Carson.

Once again, thanks to everyone for all of your prayers. I'm crediting each and everyone of you for this wonderful news. Not that I want anything to be wrong with Carson but Bradycardia sure sounds a lot less serious than LVH. LVH is where he could end up with some major surgery and the brady is more RX controlled. So I think maybe I will get a good nights sleep!!!


Shari said...

Kaci: I thought of you all day long. I continue to pray the Drs. can get to the bottom of this and get him better soon. NG long term? Poor kid!

Jaxsons Fight said...

Yeah bradacardia. Of course no one wants it. But its better than a heart defect. Jax has had a holter a couple of times because he also bradys usually in his sleep. Good luck with the other appointments, keep us all updated. Hugs from Lacey and Jax

Lacia said...

Sounds like fairly good news to me. While you don't want to have anything wrong, at least it's not what you were originally thinking!

And what a trooper he was to just lay there for the echo. Kaia had an echo around the same age as Carson (they detected a murmur that wasn't detected before) and she layed there totally still. Daddy helped by singing her favorite songs, but still, for her to lay there for 20 minutes totally still was awesome! Kids can do alot better at things than we give them credit for. And her murmur btw turned out to be something called an "innocent murmur". No surgery needed, no follow up needed. The cardio said her heart is normal for her, and in no danger at all. He compared it to having red hair, it's different than "normal", but there's nothing wrong with it, nor anything harmful about it. I hope Carson's murmur is nothing to be concerned about either.

Angie said...

That is super news!!! I hope you did get some much needed rest and that some of your mind is at ease. I can't imagine the stress you are going through. I am just hoping for a solid diaper to ease my mind!!

Thanks for visiting me and adding me to your list:) I am still fairly new to all of this and it is fun to meet new people...

Give Carson lots of hugs-it will help you feel better!

Wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad that one quote was encouraging. So sorry for all the tough times you have been having. Hang in there.

Rachel said...

YIPEE....I already know all this from talking to you last night, but hey...thought I'd say Yipee!

Love the pictures. He is so stinking cute.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I am glad you received better knews then you thought you were going to get. Carson looks so stinkin cute in those pictures. What does he think about wearing the leads??? I hope you guys get more answers. I know how frustrating it can be to wait.

Being Brazen said...

Glad you got some good news.

I really hope you and your family have a fabulous weekend :)

Bren said...

Wow! He is such a little trooper! God definitely has his hand on him. He'll be in our prayers!

Oh, and that smile of his is contagious!

Carey said...

WHat a cutie! I'm so glad he cooperated, that makes it so much easier. Any news after today? I'll check again tomorrow!