Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poor, Poor, Cody...

Well yesterday was again very uneventful. But I like those kind of days a lot! Carson and I hung out and played all day. He has an etch and sketch and he loves having me draw police cars, fire trucks, buses, mountains, race cars, houses, and ghosts. Then of course we have to play cars and we colored as well. I have been working with him to write letters. He has a long way to go but he can do T, X, O, and H. So for a two year old, I'm very impressed!!

Coltan and Cody went back to their Aunt Allison's again after school and she helped them with more homework and then fed them dinner.

Carson has Occupational Therapy today and then I have a ton of errands to run and I'm going to try and see how much I can get done with Carson. He has a backpack so when it is time to feed him, I will be able to put him on that. Wish me luck because other than doctor appointments, I haven't really fed him with the backpack on the run. Something we will need to get used to.

So because I have SOOOOO much time on my hands, I'm actually crazy enough to take pictures of Carson stealing Cody's cereal. It was really cute and hey, he was eating!!! Now I added up his calorie intake again from yesterday and this is what he ate:
1/2 pop tart 50 calories
1 peach cup 70 calories
1/4 cup of Fruit loops 55 calories
6 oz of orange juice 70 calories.
Total Calorie intake 245........

I tried to feed him turkey, ham, peas, and some of my chicken from dinner and he declined all of that. So when you see how nutritional his meals were yesterday, keep in mind that I'm trying to feed him a well balanced meal. But no luck. So I do feed him what I can get him to eat.

So this is where Carson decided he NEEDED a bite of Cody's Fruit Loops.

Cody trying to eat some himself. Carson was patiently waiting his turn.

Carson actually took the spoon away from Cody and ate the spoonful himself.

Look at the innocent look. The milk dripping down his chin wasn't evidence was it?

Waiting again for another bite.

What? That bite wasn't for me?

He said to me "I'll be right back mom".

He was signing blue. He went and got his own spoon and now he wants a blue Fruit Loop.

Helping himself.

He did tell me that his bite was too much.

Aren't they both cute? Yes I know, I'm crazy!!!


Lacey said...

That is so cute. Go Carson, take that cereal away from your big brother.

Being Brazen said...

Those photos are so cute.

Btw - yes you can vote - no matter where you live in the world :)

Rachel said... cute is that! Hey, at least he's eating and thank heaven for great big brothers that don't mind sharing slobber with little brothers. :)

Farming Fabulously said...

What adorable pictures! You definately caught some great moments....

Tracey said...

If he is eating let him what ever he wants! Hope things stay "uneventful" for a while! You need some down time! RELAX... while you can!

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Just goes to show that big brothers are great role models!!!

Shari said...

Those pics are darling! Carson is so darn cute! I pray he eats soon and that NG tube can go. He can't have it forever! Kaci, you are a wonderful Mom! Thank you for being a great example to the rest of us.

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

How cute! It's great that he has a big brother to steal food from :) Thanks for the tip on keeping track of everything.

Mike and Gail said...

What a great BIG brother. :D