Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update on Carson

Just a quick update. We have been up since 3:55AM this morning so I'm pretty tired. The boys and I had lots of fun last night. When they got home, we watched TV, and everyone helped cook dinner. We ended up having Mexican Casserole. The boys ate almost the whole cake pan so I guess that was an excellent choice. Carson ended up going to sleep with Coltan in his bed around 11:00 last night and I went down after midnight to bring him back upstairs to my bed. Little did I know we would be up 4 hours later.

So we were up, then I got the boys up at 6:00 for school, and then we were off to get ready for the doctors. We saw Dr Boyd since Dr Tarvin wasn't there and it was almost like he was protesting. It was actually kind of funny. So Dr Boyd took off the black part of his incision and also swabbed it and we will know in 48 hours if it is staph. He said he was positive that it is indeed infected so he went ahead and prescribed an antibiotic for it and made sure we still have an appointment with Dr S from plastics. He was feeling around and thought he felt something in it, meaning the foreign body was never removed???? So tomorrow we will be at three clinic appointments.

As far as this morning, we weighed in at......11.4 YUP, he is losing the weight. Not gaining. This was also done BEFORE he went on the potty all by himself. Which by the way, he told me again around 2:00 today that he needed to use the "big potty" and I took him and the potty sang to him! That is two potties in one day!! I'm thinking we are really on to something here!

So here are a couple of pictures of Carson. He loves his new gun and it makes noises. He likes to "hunt" and the only thing on the outdoor channel was ATV. So as we were watching it, there was a safari commercial on so I paused it and he was shooting the zebra. So I guess I'll be making Zebra lasagna for dinner tonight.
shhhh. I'm going to sneak up on him.

Got him. The sucker went down on the first shot!


Rachel said...

Very cute, very cute. Love the narration. Reminds me of Carson shooting me the other night when I was there for dinner! LOL. He's such a doll.

Lacia said...

I'm glad you got something for his incision. Hopefully it clears up quickly.

I'm sorry that he's not gaining like you would like. I don't understand why that's happening since you're giving him feeds, plus he's eating by mouth, even if only a little bit. Will they need to be upped?

Oh, and btw, does he eat with the tube in his nose? Wouldn't it bother his throat? Maybe a dumb question, but I was curious.

Spaghetti said...

Hey Kaci,

Can I ask a favor? Will you give my email to love for 9. I didn't get to give it too her yet and I can't figure out how to get it to her other than through you.

I also hope that you get some much needed sleep. Hopefully everything tomorrow will be o.k.

Pam said...

Cute picts!! Crazy about the incision site. Gotta love the crap that us mommies go through eh?

I wish carson would gain that weight, poor kid.

Get some sleep tonight okay?


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

That is Nate's kind of guy. He is teaching Kaden all about hunting as well and tells him when he is 5 he gets to go deer hunting with daddy. We will see about that.

I hope that it is not staph...how scary. Now...go to bed...both of you and do not wake up until morning (in real person's time!!!).

Aimee said...

Kyle would love it if he had a boy someday that will want to hunt. He's really tried to tell Ava about it but she wants to play with her makeup instead. However, Kyle's really not much of a hunter so it makes me laugh when he tries to tell Ava about the "big deer" someday. LOL...

I really hope that it's not staph and more hoping that it's not the staph that I had. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. ((HUGS))

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Good luck at all your appointments tomorrow! I hope Carson's incision starts to heal quickly and you guys can get some answers soon. Take care!


P.S. We (thankfully) don't have any appts at Children's for a while. It's a nice break! We have special care on the 22nd, though, so maybe we'll bump into you then!

Mike and Gail said...

Great post. I often wonder how you do this all. Lack of sleep, all the anxious thoughts that you must have.
Then I remember that God is a BIG God and we can rest in him. He will take all our burdens and worries and carry them for us.

You are a strong women. I thank God for giving me your friendship through this bogger world. May God's peace and strength continue to lead and guide you.

Farming Fabulously said...

What an inspiring post. And Carson looks very excited about his new gun. Very cute..

Carey said...

Aww man, down to 11.4 ...

Just checking in to wish you luck today. Hope you get some help. Poor kid, his incision did look yucky, i hope it's clearing up already.

The Rice Family said...

How cute! CJ (our son) also loves to hunt! His dad and grandpa both shot a deer this year and they had CJ help find it. He thought this was really cool. Hope it doesn't turn out to be staff. That stuff is nasty. Try to get some rest sounds like you are going to be needing it.

lisaschaos said...

Zebra sounds very exciting for dinner. :) I have an animal safari game for the wii where I take photos of animals I bet Carson would love it. :)