Monday, January 5, 2009

Please look at Carson's incision and see what you think....

Well the boys got home safe and sound last night around 9:30. They were both tired. They ended up both playing the last two games and the ended up losing but that is okay. First off, these kids have never played together and if you have any group of kids that have played several years together, you will see that they are much stronger. Secondly, they are tossing 29 kid around and trying to narrow the roster down to 18. Cody has already made the team and Coltan is currently in the pool. So we will find out by the end of January if Coltan stays as an alternate or moves up to the team. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed but either way, I'm very proud of how far he has gone.

Last night (or this morning) Carson went to bed around 3:00AM and I woke up at 4:45 to give him a feed, then down at 5:15. Then I was up again at 6:00AM giving him a breathing treatment. Back up at 6:30 to wake up Coltan and Cody and went back to bed. Would you believe that Carson didn't wake until 11:00AM!!! I actually got more sleep last night and now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this might be another beginning to something wonderful.

So Carson and I hung out today and we did some laundry, dishes, and worked on the dining room. I had my Christmas tree in there so I dusted and vacuumed everything. We played cars and cops and robbers. His new favorite thing to say is "freeze sucker and no one gets hurt". It's pretty darn cute if you ask me.

I did get pulled between plastic surgery clinic and my primary today which was very frustrating. I finally talked to someone today about Carson's incision sites that looks like it is infected. I have been afraid that his unexplained fevers and telling me that it hurts and the look of it is staph. I have posted a couple of pictures for everyone to look at and tell me what you think.

So here is where I'm at, we are going to see our primary tomorrow morning (which won't be Dr Tarvin because he is in a conference so we will see another doctor) and make sure it isn't staph. Then we will be home after that.

Wednesday is going to be much more hectic. We will See Plastics, Occupational Therapy, and Special Care all on Wednesday. So I'm sure Carson and I will both be tired and cranky by Wednesday evening. But hey, we are going to get out of the house twice this week so that should be great right?

Now I know that I have a lot of you that are following. I'm compiling a list of things to ask Dr R about Carson. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment. Dr R will stay with me for 5 hours answering all of my questions and that is one reason I really love her. She is very in tuned to Carson and she is going to check and see if she can get Carson's appointment with the Cardiologist moved up. I'm also going to talk to her about Carson holding his chest and telling me that his chest hurts. See if we need to move some meds around and of course his sleeping and feeding issues.

I put him on the scales this morning and we are back up to 11.6 so that is good. Also, after he was off the scales, he went over to his big potty and went pee again in it. (I'm sure that puts him back down to 11.5 :-) )So at least this is our morning routine. Now if I can get him interested in the potty during the day but hey, I'm not pushing it!

So that is about it for now. I'm leaving you with a couple of pictures of Carson's infected site and then of a couple of the boys when they got home last night.

I took these two pictures and if you click on them you will see them better. It is very hard to the touch and every time I do touch it, Carson tells me that it hurts. It started looking like a boil that was festered but only red in color,but this is what it looks like now. It is almost a dark blue/ black in color. This all started Thursday evening. It has just taken this long with the clinic to get together and have a game plan.

Another shot with the help of Coltan.

Carson had just finished up with a feeding and Cody came to bribe him to eat some 7 cup salad. We ended up throwing it out.

Here is a cute pic of all three boys.


Shari said...

I am so glad you guys got outside just for a bit. Fresh air is so good for the soul. Have you tried removing the black bump and draining it? If you want to try, use a warm cloth and soften it then try. I am glad you go to the Dr. in the a.m. Keep us posted. Poor Carsen! When will he and Momma ever catch a break?

Jaxsons Fight said...

I would watch for the redness to expand out, that usually means infection, until a doctor can look at it. Kisses from Lacey and Jax

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I don't know what to tell you. I have never seen staph on the skin...Kaden has always gotten in his blood (while in the hospital). Whatever is going on, it looks painful. Hopefully you will get some answers.

Being Brazen said...

Shame,that infected site doesnt look good. Hope you get some answers and get the sore spot sorted out soon :(

Really really hope this year things get MUCH better with Carson.

Rachel said...

I just don't know. After feeling it last weekend I'm not so sure it is Staph, but could be something else. It's good that you are getting him in. It certainly feels like that pebble is in there worse now. Hmmmmm?

Love you girl. Wonder who will get on my blog now :)
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I had to say that. (inside joke)

Full Tilt Poker Video said...
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Rachel said...

I went private...tell me if you got my invite and accept it so i can see how this darn thing works girl. I thought you were needing my entertainment. Hurry up already, accept it! LOL :)



Kaci said...

I don't know how you do it! I don't *know* you but I am amazed by you. I want to reach out & hug you and offer you whatever I can give. You must be so proud of Coltan & Cody with their soccer playing! That is amazing! I am impressed with how much they seem to help with Carson.

Happy late birthday to Cody!

I am guessing you are losing weight because of all the running around with doctors and stress you have been under. I know your boys are your number one priority but remember to take care of you! Other than that I am happy to encourage you in losing weight - it is nice to have that support you've given me!

I definitely don't mind if you add me to your reading list - I know you are busy busy, but please do check in when you can.

Rachel said...

I keep checking but no new post from you! Whats up? And everytime I look at that picture of Carson I wanna pop that thing.

4funboys said...

yikes... poor guy