Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dr appointment #1 of 5

Yup, that is right. We have 5 appointments this week so I will now be going to Children's for the next three days. How wonderful is that? If anyone has any clinics this week, give me a shout and let me know. I will probably be there when you are.

So anyways, this is an update since yesterday.

Yesterday Charlie came down around 1:00 and I left and went to work for about 4 hours working on more paperwork. This is definitely a never ending project. Then I came home last night and made beef enchilada's and then it was off to soccer practice for Coltan.

Carson didn't eat very much or drink very much as well. I will need to change out his NG tube. He has actually done very well with this one but now the port won't stay closed. Have any of you had a problem with that? I'm guessing it is from pulling the cap off and hooking the pump up and then pulling that out and putting the cap back on. So I'm holding off and thought I would take it off later tonight and that way I can give him a nice relaxing bath and then try to reinserting a new one after that.

Also, last night I had a wonderful conversation with Charlie. See his "girlfriend" doesn't want to talk to me on the phone but she has a huge interest in my blog. Why is she reading my blog???? Anyways, maybe I need to clarify the awesome massage that I got. It was a harmless massage that was more Carson giving it than anything else. So if she could kindly understand that Carson is a very sick child and he needs both his mommy and daddy, I would greatly appreciate it. She is so insecure with her relationship that I got a phone call last night from Charlie basically saying that he cannot come visit his son at my house because it is to much stress on Andrea. So here we go again. I guess the needs of a immature, selfish girl who has no idea what it is like to have a child is way more important than my sons health. Also, since Charlie, Andrea, nor I hold a MD license, lets not try to go against what the doctor says. I guess some people do not realize that I haven't been out of my house since Nov 1st and while some people are out drinking in bars, eating out every night of the week, hanging out with friends, WORKING, going out of town all the time hunting, I'm stuck here in my house with a lot of sleepless nights, looking after my sick child. So what, because it isn't what she wants, I should just ignore the doctor and take Carson to Charlie's house just to make her happy??? Life hasn't been very easy for me lately and I'm certainly not going out of my way to make hers easy.

I would really like to trade Andrea for her set of problems for mine any day of the week. Andrea has a job, and her only responsibilities are paying her rent, utilities, and worry about what goes on with Charlie while he is down here helping me out with my son. Do you know what I sit around and think about? I pray that everyday when we wake up that Carson will not pull his NG tube out and the tape sticks on his face for another day, I worry that Carson will end up not eating and drinking again, I worry about if Carson can breath all day without having another asthma attack, I worry that the staph infection that has been confirmed in his bloodstream doesn't cause more damage like on his kidneys, heart, and brain. I worry about his heart and I pray that it doesn't stop beating. I pray that when my son passes out and goes unresponsive, he wakes up and comes around. So call me offensive when I say this. I just think that when all you have to worry about is petty stuff, grow up and get a life.

Charlie informed me that since I made things bad for him and her, he is done coming down to see his son and is done giving me any money to help me out with Carson. So Andrea, if you feel like your needs are way more important than my sons health, then you go a head and keep him all to yourself. Carson will be better off if this is the unstable environment that your choosing for both of them.

Don't you think that if I could take Carson out, we would have gone to Cody's birthday party? Or how about the fact that there has been to out of town tournaments that I wasn't able to go with my boys and enjoy watching them play soccer? Or maybe the fact that I haven't seen my boys play soccer in about two months? See this home bound started in Oct and I didn't even know that you had been with him until Dec 7th. So what, I planned all of this out 5 weeks ahead just in case?

Since you decided to read my blog and cause stress between Charlie and I and put a strain on his relationship because of your insecurities, I have no choice but to put this out there on my blog. After all, this is my blog and I can write what I want.

To everyone that are loyal to me and are reading this, I'm sorry that your having to read it. I'm also very frustrated that Carson's father is making very poor decisions. He would like to call the doctor and talk to her himself. She knows that I have been sitting at home everyday with my son and she feels like having him in ONE stable environment is what he needs. Why is it that everyone in this world understand this but two people?

So on with his doctors appointment. We went to see his primary today and the staph has been confirmed in his bloodstream. The culture does show that the Bactrum (sp) is sensitive to this strain so we will finish his last three days and then he has given me another script for the same antibiotic for another 10 days and then we will reassess once again. So I guess that is good news but he would have felt better if it would have drained so that the concern of it staying in his tissue and then seep into his bloodstream wasn't a possibility. So we will keep our fingers crossed.

We have four more appointments this week so I will keep everyone updated on those appointments as well. Our first hurdle is passing with flying colors with the cardiologist. Then his pulmonary doctor called today and she had time to sit down and look at his charts and she wants him in this week as well. So as usual, this will be another long week with a lot of appointments. I'm praying that we do find some answers and can get him on the mend. Oh how I wish all I had to worry about is what I want to wear today and what restaurant sounds good to go eat at.


Phoenix's Mom said...

I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. Some people have no clue what it is like to take care of sick child until they are put in that position.
Let them be childish, you know what is best for your son. All it takes is one great parent to make one great child!Yes, having that male influence in his life would be nice but it's not mandatory. You are doing an amazing job, don't worry what others have to say.
We will be going to KC on Thursday for a couple of appointments, one in pulmonology! When r u going?
If you want to e-mail me:

Sending Big hugs and lots of prayers!

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I hate to say this because I know that Carson loves his daddy, but if Charlie keeps threatening that he can not see him and then changes his mind put a stop to it. Set up one time during the week that he can come spend time with him and leave it at that. Evidently neither one of them are adult enough to figure out how to work this situation out. I don't blame Andrea for being insecure though...after all she did allow him to cheat on you with her. I really do not want to sound evil, but I feel bad for you and especially Carson. I hope that things work themselves out for the best.

Lisa said...

You go girl. You tell that selfish, petty, wench what a horrible person she is. Ya know what, Charlie may wake up some day and realize it let Andrea get in the way of Carson needing him and DUMP HER SORRY @$$. Whether she has any idea what it is like to raise a child, much less a sick child, she should know that that boy needs Charlie and she should put her own selfish wants and needs aside for the sake of Carson. Does she have no empathy? Has she never had to deal with someone sick in her life?

I so would have written a blog post like this if I was in your shoes. And if it made you feel better, you should do it more often. If that wench doesn't like what she reads then she can just stop reading.

The truth burns sometimes ANDREA doesn't it???

The Rice Family said...

Good for you! If she wants something to read then give her something to read. Sounds like she needs to get over herself. The good news is that if they are already having those problems it probably won't last long. The bad thing is that youre having to deal with all of this and you don't need more than you allready have. Good luck with the appointments. I will be staying in touch.

Shari said...

Kaci: I am so sorry you are dealing with the Andrea thing again. She is very immature and Charlie is allowing her to drag him around by the nose hook you can't see. Ugh! It's time you step up and tell Charlie to shove it. I know that is very harsh, but it is going to keep confusing Carson and that's not fair to him. Even your Dr. told you that. You already have so much to deal with and have this on top of it is not fair to you! I pray things settle down quickly and that you can get Carson well again and be able to live what we could call a 'norma' life. I love you and praying for you every day. Call anytime.

Jaxsons Fight said...

You go girl, give her something to read, and if Charlie doesn't want to pay, well the state can take care of that. It sounds like unfortunatly he may need to be cut out of Carsons life. It doesn't help him to have him there sometimes and not others. I hope they figure out the root of his problems soon, even if it is something that seems scary, knowing is the first step at taking care of the problem and getting him better. Love always from Lacey and Jax

kristi said...

Hi! I found you through Everyday Adventures. I have a son who is special needs. He is 7 and has mild Autism. Hope you will visit my Autism blog!

Angie said...

I am so sorry you are having to deal with these immature issues. You have enough on your plate already and then to throw her into the mix is the last thing you need! You need to do what is best for Carson and right now it sounds like that is not seeing Charlie if he is going to be so unstable in his life. Hang in there, I am praying for a better day and week for you!

Aimee said...

You go girl... however, I'm so sorry that you have to go through all of this! Carson needs stability and apparently Charlie's too immature to see that. This is like being in high school all over again only worse because a little boy is involved.

and yes, I'm the worlds worst blogger right now. I've had so much going on at work that I haven't had time to update. I'll do it tomorrow though. I promise!!! :) Loves...

Tracey said...

I am so sorry that you once again have to deal with additional STRESS! Right when I thought you were going to catch some rest that you need so badly - If I were close to you - I would come help! Hang in there - my prayers are with you!

Melissa said...

Hey Kac...wow, just got caught up on everything with Carson. I'm sorry things have been so rough. I know how hard it is to be hospital/ homebound, and I only did it for a little while compared to you. It's got to be even tougher having other children, your own business, and taking care of things on your own- I had Joe to help me and it was still an incredible trial. I know well the stress and worry of taking care of a sick child and how it just tears you up inside....hang in there, things will get better. Try to do something (even something little) for yourself every day just to encourage yourself...I'll keep praying for little Carson. He really is such a little sweetie and has been through so much- I am praying for him with all the instability in his life right now.

We don't have any appt.s at CMH as of now coming up (this could change, we're trying to get an OPM scheduled soon again and then more OT visits) but that's on hold right now b/c of cold/flu season. You know the routine. :) BUT if we do, I'll let you know- and also if Jack ever gets off the thickener, you can have whatever packets we have left. I know how expensive all that stuff is. Is Carson still thickening anything? I can't remember.

Take care, praying for you. :)

Rachel said...

Well, well, well...It's about time! You go girl! You know I already know all this from our phone conversations, but I'm so glad you posted this since the little immature, selfish Ho (oh...did i just say that) wont stop reading your blog. STAY OFF HER BLOG NOSEY! :)

Anywho- I agree with Amy up above....I know it's hard, as you know I'm dealing with separation now...but if the guy can't be a Dad without getting permission from his young pup, then he doesnt need to be a dad. Charlie's priorities are nothing but screwed up...from leaving town, to buying houses to dating his EMPLOYEES. He is NEVER gonna change even though he comes over and acts all nicey nice when its convenient for him. I'm sorry but he is only confusing you and Carson, not to mention Colton & Cody. Let him go. Dont let him just come over when he wants. Set up a time...one day. If he shows up, he sees his son, if he doesn't show up, he doesnt see his son!

Love you girl. Sorry I just wrote a book.

lisaschaos said...

You really have too much on your plate and I so hope that it all gets cleared up and things improve soon! *hugs*