Saturday, January 31, 2009

Asthma, allergic reactions, and NG problems, another normal day.

Well what a day I have had. Dr R called today and is wanting me to go through pulmonology or cardiology to manage Carson's NG tube. She said the two doctors have completely different ideas of leaving him on it but doesn't want to be in the middle of these two doctors. So how nice is that? I called pulmonary and was pretty much not a very calm person and told the nurse that if no one is managing him, I'll pull the thing out. I'd be glad to let him live a normal life!! She calmed me down and understood my frustration and said they have dietitians in their clinic and to leave everything alone and keep doing what I'm doing. Carson will now have his NG managed under pulmonary. Dr E wants him to get up to at least the 25-33% and then start weaning him. As of his last appointment which was 2 weeks ago, he was around 7%. I'm sure he has gained a little weight since then but we still have a long way to go.

Coltan and Cody are going to spend the weekend with their dad and I asked him to keep them a little longer. I'm now giving Carson 13 doses of medicines, 4 breathing treatments, and 5 feeds a day. I'm mentally and physically exhausted due to lack of sleep. So until I can get Carson balanced, and myself for that matter, I think Coltan and Cody would get more quality time with their dad. I'm really upset thinking this is making me a "bad" mother but I just think this way, I can get some things figured out with Carson. I know that Carson loves his brothers so I will still have them after school and dinners. I just don't know what else to do. I feel very bad because when they come home, I usually have them help me out and I know that they are kids and shouldn't be helping me take care of a two year old.

Please pray for us and that this is only temporary and that Carson and I will get to live a normal life soon. I just want him to be better and I get down thinking about all of this.

So for the rest of my fun adventurous day, Carson wanted a piece of toast with butter and grape jelly. This is something that I have tried to feed him numerous times and he has eaten. So he took about two or three bites and had a terrible allergic reaction. I ended up giving him 4 breathing treatments and he finally looked and sounded better. How many scares is one child allowed to give you in one week/lifetime??? I think he is definitely maxed out on this.

So now we are doing better and I'm hoping that he will get some rest so we can attend some of Coltan's and Cody's soccer games tomorrow. They are in a tournament this weekend.

This is how well he does for the first half of his treatment. They usually last around 7 minutes.

You can see his smile through his mask. That smile is what keeps me going.


Lacia said...

I'm sorry things are so tough. Keep hanging in...things will get better.

What did he have an allergic reaction to? The jelly? Or something in the bread? Has he tried peanut butter before? Could there have been peanut butter residue in the jelly jar? Allergies can present themselves at any time, no matter how many times someone has eaten something. Unfortunately, I'm immersed in the peanut/nut allergy world with my oldest.....allergies are strange things and they SUCK.

Bad Momma said...

Came over from 4 Fun Boys. I also have 3 sons.

Sounds like you have your hands full. I'll say a prayer for you for Carson.

Glad you are getting help with the older boys. Hang in there!

GutsyWriter said...

New to your blog and have 3 sons, but they are older now. The youngest is 14. I feel for you, especially having to handle everything, "alone." Since I haven't followed your blog before is this a new problem you just discovered with Carson? Allergies? Just food allergies? I hope he gets better soon and you can get some rest. But with 3 boys is that a contradiction?

Lacey said...

He has a great smile. If only they could speed up the length of the treatment. It does get old fast, my older boys that have asthma hate sitting there for it. Good job at getting pissy with the docs. Thats what you have to do. Hugs from Lacey and Jax

Angie said...

Hang in there super mom. You have so much on your plate and still manage to have a good head on your shoulders! You are doing amazing and this will work itself out sooner rather than later.

Praying hard for you!

Shari said...

Kaci: I know you are worn out! It's so not fair to you or Carson with all you have to go through, I continue to pray! I wish I could do more. Hang in there!

Mike and Gail said...

That smile would keep me going too. Praying for the little guy. Your boys are all troopers. You are so blessed. I remember when it was just us and our 3 boys... Boys are fun,and very active. I am still adjusting to life with girls, they are more emotional.. LOL...and also loud. If you can believe that. :D

Rachel said...

You know I am praying for you guys. I think it is ok to get help from Colton and Cody's dad. You know I hate my boys father and the hooker he is with, but I definatley needed help when Melana was sick a couple weeks ago and I asked the boys dad and they said yes. It doesnt make you a bad mom asking for someone to help give the other boys more attention, that they need.

I know Carson will get over this just takes time.

PS...I adore his little smile too!