Sunday, February 1, 2009

Occupational Therapy+Shaving Cream=One Silly Boy

Today turned out to be absolutely beautiful. We have gone from 2 degrees, to a couple inches of snow over three days, to 70 degrees and sunny and beautiful all in one week. Only in the midwest.
So today I continued to give Carson his breathing treatments and I also went out and bought him his own jar of jelly. It is very possible that while the boys and I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we may have crossed contaminated the two?? I'm usually very careful with that but it was all I could think of that happened. So hopefully that will be fixed. It was very scary to see him having such difficulty breathing. I ended up keeping him on Combivent and not Xopenex. Combivent is what they usually give him in the hospital so it is pretty powerful.

I did take Carson to the backyard and let him run some of his energy off. He had so much fun outside and never wanted to come in. I actually got some reading in as well. I'm finally in chapter three and I started this book just after the new year. So maybe by the end of the year I will have it completed. LOL

Coltan and Cody had two games in the tournament and both boys did great. The first game was 7-0 and Cody scored two. Coltan played back and got beat up a lot but played one of his best games ever. The next game they won 5-1 and Cody scored two and Coltan scored one. So great job to them. They have another game in the morning at 9:15AM and if they win, they advance to the finals and play for either first or second place. Keep your fingers crossed that the Hoffman boys will be on fire again tomorrow.

I'm leaving you with some pictures that I never posted. These are pre NG days. Carson has Sensory Processing Disorder. Some of the traits of this is most important, feeding issues. If he doesn't like a certain texture, he wont eat it, or maybe to hot, cold, etc.... Also he is delayed in some of his motor skills, sensitive to light, cannot stand to have his hands messy. So in Occupational Therapy he is working on all of the above and a few others that I forget to list. So on this day, Nancy wanted him to get his hands messy. He apparently thought it was for his hair (I do own a day spa so I'm glad he is paying attention) and you can just see in his face how he is not sure about this.

Here is where we started off at. Really not sure about this.

Starting to wipe it off on the table so he can get his hands clean.

Showing us that he has messy hands. Yuck!!

It's still on me and this just isn't any fun.

Finally we get to wash my hands.

Now I need to clean my cars off as well.

Mommy dunked me and got it all out of my hair. Thank goodness.


Julie said...

Zion used to use her hair as a napkin if she got something on them during meals. She'd look at her hands then look around for something then just kind of shrug and wipe them on her head.

Now Gabe, has what I call "texture issues". He will be five in a couple of weeks and only in the last year has he stopped asking me to wash his hands multiple times mid-meal if it's something messy. If his cup got messy he wouldn't touch it with his palms but curl his fingers in and hold the cup pressed between both hands holding it with his knuckles. If he fell he wouldn't try to catch himself because he didn't want to touch the ground. He would not eat yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, over cooked pasta etc and would actually throw up if I tried to make him eat it. Finger painting was out of the question, so was playing with "goop" and many of the texture toys that my sister had for her son's therapy (like those squishy balls with "tentacles" and stuff). He almost fainted once when he saw my sister got a smear of frosting on her pants at a birthday party. At Carson's age he wouldn't have touched shaving cream or anything like it with a ten-foot pole. Carson's looking pretty darn cute there. Maybe he's seen Mrs. Doubtfire? Remember when he/she put the meringue all over his/her face? :)

Lacia said...

That look likes such fun!

Thanks for the info about Carson's sensory disorder. The reason I asked was because awhile ago Kaia's OT asked me if Pierce was sensory as he was acting up at one of her sessions. It really threw me for a loop. Pierce can be very challengin sometimes, and I don't know if there may be something going on with him that I'm missing of if it's just terrible 2's. I've read about SPD and I don't think he fits, but what do I know. Anyways, that's why I asked.

Oh, and do you not have an Epi-pen for Carson? I have 2 with me at all times for Nolan when he's with me, and when he's at school he wears one on a special belt plus the school office has one. We have no peanut or nut products in the house at all or even anything that says "may contain peanuts/nuts" on the label. That allergy scares the crap outta me. He was dx'd at 11 months old, although he had a reaction at 6 months old (from DH kissing him after eating a peanut butter sandwich) and we've had epi-pen prescriptions ever since.

Lacey said...

He is so cute with that curly hair. I'm trying to remember if sensory processing disorder is on the autism spectrum. Sounds a lot like my autistic 7 year old. Super sensitive to everything.

Anonymous said...

I like the way he is sitting all the while he is exploring the shaving cream. Even if he does not seek out touching, he is not having a dramatic aversive response. All good.

kristi said...

Hey, head over to my AUTISM blog and see what I gave you.

Rachel said...

How cute are those pictures. He is so cute. I wish my boys cared if thier hands were dirty LOL!

Love ya...and I'm at work cleaning right now, but you need to call me and let me know what happend last night! (you know what I mean)

Your Best Bud Ever (hehe)


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

It's funny that you posted this. I just read in another blog that talked about sensory issues relating to gagging issues. I really won't get into it right now, but Kaden is the exact same way. He has a really hard time with sensory things. He is very picky in what he touches and it made a lot of sense to me when I was reading this last night. I am going to try looking more of this up on the internet later.

Shari said...

My Carsen HATES to have his hands dirty! However, that's the only thing he has that is a pet peeve of his. My Caleb has sensory issues and goes to a sensory class everyday at school for an hour. It's not fair what our kids have to deal with sometimes, is it? If I lived near you you bet I would be at your Day Spa. It's probably the best one in MO! Love ya.

lisaschaos said...

Looks like fun! :) We have been in the thirty's the last two days. :) Woo hoo!

Spaghetti said...

I haven't said hi in awhile, so HI. I think that almost all of our snow is gone. Ryan is excited about it being groundhogs day tommorrow. Hey if you need any ideas for fun activities for Carson let me know and I will pass some on. I think it is so cool that you are getting him services as early as possible.

Just a note to someone above there are many websites that deal with SPD and the Autism spectrum disorders. Information is key to helping the little ones as much as possible. Remember that they need you to stick up for them because they won't be able to. Sorry, I have a passion for getting help for little ones. Early intervention is key!

I am one that loves fidgets and I have a hard time letting them go if they belong to someone else. They are really cool!

Bad Momma said...

How cute! Love that he washed his cars too!

It also warmed up here in Ohio to a toasty 45 degrees. I can't wait for Spring!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I hope Carson is feeling all better!

Carolina Girl said...

Aww That is so cute!Your boys are adorable, and I LOVE their names.

Christine said...

I am sorry for the eating issues you are having with your son. Hope that gettin ghim involved helps!

Farming Fabulously said...

Huge congrats to the older boys on there tournament, hopefully they won it all. Those pic's were so adorable, it really looked like Carson enjoyed himself for awhile. He has such a wonderful attutide..