Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend in Review

Well our weekend was extremely busy. Friday Charlie came down to see Carson for a little while. I took Coltan and Cody to the last day of soccer camp so Charlie and I took Carson to the new Bass Pro Store in Independence. It was pretty cool but I'm more into hunting so it wasn't as cool as Cabelia's. After that we all went to dinner and then Charlie went home.

Saturday Coltan and Cody had try outs for the academy team and also for the Juventus team. So needless to say, Carson and I tried to entertain each other for about 5 hours between the two fields. That was a lot of fun:-). The boys came home and Coltan and I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. Cody had Carson duty. After dinner Chris came and picked up Coltan and Cody so he could get an early start for Fathers day.

Sunday I re-cleaned the whole house, did some laundry and then Charlie came down to spend time with Carson. I taught him how to sign Happy Fathers Day. He already knows how to sign the three words, I just helped him put them together. I made dinner which I have to brag on myself and say was awesome!! I made maple glazed pork chops, bacon wrapped green beans, baked bread, and homemade peach cobbler. Charlie ended up leaving around 11:30 so I think Carson had some good quality time with his dad.

As far as Monday, I had to work out extra hard to burn off the extra calories from Sunday night. Then I went to all the shops to check out. Came home and didn't do much of anything. Carson was easy to get along with so we ended up having a great evening together.

On a side note Coltan did not make the academy team but mom is so proud of you. You still went out and tried out with about 40 other kids and you gave it your best!!! Keep your chin up because your still one of the two best soccer players I know!!

Congrads to Cody. He did make his age group and this will be an exciting season. He is going to Chicago, Memphis, St Louis, and Collinsville in the fall. I'm thinking I better cancel our summer vacation looking at all of our upcoming travels......

One last thing, I keep in touch with a family in Utah and they have an adorable little boy named Rhett. He had surgery yesterday and seems to be doing well. Please pray for Rhett to have a speedy recovery. Their blog is Rhettsjourney.blogspot.com They are asking for people to post a comment on their so the older brothers and sister can have a little peace knowing so many people are praying for them. So if you have a moment, please post a comment.


Denise said...

I am so impressed with your blog!!! Can't wait to see what you will talk about next...I have not been through the entire site yet, but I love what you have done so far!!

Rachel said...

Hey..yes we live in Lake Wood. The younger kids go to Voy Spears and the older one goes to Delta Woods. My oldest has played baseball at Legacy (last year) but he took a break this year also. The Soccer is played in Independence at BVAC. We go there becuz my husband coaches there and our kids play for free.