Friday, June 20, 2008

Back to the Emergency Room

Today I went to work and did payroll. The program I'm working with didn't want to calculate the taxes so I pretty much did payroll by hand. That is always fun.

Coltan had an emergency orthodontist appointment because somehow he was laying one way and Cody was laying the other way and Cody's sock got stuck in Colt's braces. By the time their dad stopped laughing at this and got Cody's sock off of his foot, he then tried to get the sock off of Coltan's braces, When he did, he pulled 4 of the brackets loose. So Aspen took him so I didn't have to leave work. The ortho did get his braces fixed. Now I think I've heard it all.

Then about 5:00, Kelley, (Carson's babysitter) called and said he woke up from nap and his eyes were really red and watery. I told her to give him a 1/2 teaspoon of Benadryl and as soon as I finished payroll, I'd be on my way to get him. So when I got there, his right eye was red and left eye was puffy like someone punched him. I took him to my house and I was going to try to flush it out. By the time we got home it looked like it had doubled in size and now his cheek was swelling up as well. So I calmly called the doctor and told them that he probably needed to be seen. the doctor agreed and I took him to Children's South. By this time the top of his lip was swollen as well. Good news, Carson didn't have to wait in the waiting room. We didn't even have to sit and wait for a nurse to triage. So the doctor came in and gave Carson some more benadryl and within 20 minutes, Carson is bouncing off the walls. I'm not the lucky parent that when you give Benadryl to your child, he or she gets knocked out. No mine is just the opposite. (hint, it is 11:30PM right now while I'm typing this and Carson is still up running around. I stopped trying to put him to bed an hour ago) She then put some eyedrops in his eyes called Patenol to help with the itching. This medicine is another antihistamine. So his lip and cheek started coming down and his eye wasn't swollen shut anymore. She gave me a RX for the Patenol and told me that she just couldn't determine what flared this episode. What I have learned with allergies is you usually never pen point what does trigger them. So we are home now and I gave him some more of the drops and it basically took 4 people to hold him down. We had one on his arms, one on his legs, one held his head and I administered the drops. This ought to be a lot of fun because she wants me to give it to him twice a day for 5 days. Wish me luck. I was going to take a picture but now that we are home, his eyes/face looks a thousand times better so I didn't.

Anyways, we have more soccer this weekend and that is pretty much it. Hope everyone has a great weekend and pray that today isn't a sign of how the rest of my weekend is going to be.

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Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Wow, it is never boring around your house, is it? I hope your weekend turned out great, I am sure it did!!!