Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Too many Chiefs???

We'll it was another interesting day at the Asthma Clinic. Back in May when we were at the asthma clinic the doctor decided to adjust Carson's Flovent from 2 puffs once a day at 110MG to two puffs twice a day at 44MG. Of course when we went to the Pulmonary Clinic two weeks later, that doctor said no, take him back up to 110MG, but continue that twice a day.

So then we went to the GI and that doctor told me that yes Carson has acid reflex and he will start taking prevacid 15 mg, twice a day. So, today the doctor told me that he also looked over his results and said no he doesn't have acid reflux. At best, borderline. He then told me that he is concerned with all of Carson's gagging/choking episodes. That in itself could be causing the "borderline numbers" So guess what??? Now where off to the Ear,Nose, Throat specialist to see if it's his tonsils or adenoids.

So after today's exam, the doctor did say that on a scale from 1-4 with 1 being normal, the size of Carson's tonsil's are a 2 1/2-3. He did hear quite a bit of congestion in his lungs which is no surprise to me. We are also going to take him off of one of his nighttime medicines. It replaces the Zyrtec at night but it makes Carson real loopy and I have noticed that his diapers are changing. So we will go back to the Zyrtec twice a day which I think he will tolerate better. Other than that, all other medicines stay in place, (until another doctor changes that :-) )

The doctor said since we are going to stay busy, he will wait and see Carson in 3 months instead of 6 weeks. How nice. On a good note, he really does seem like a great doctor. I think that Carson is just in the middle of three different great doctors and he is being pulled in all directions of what each specialist thinks is best for him.

He still has a swallow study scheduled for June 24th and then nothing until July. July 23rd is the GI doctor again and then Aug 5th is pack to Pulmonary. And it sounds like ENT in the next couple of months. Always something........

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Carey said...

hey there! yes, i didn't even call you b/c we were running late. we arrived at 1pm (oops!) then they kept us waiting until 3pm until they did her bone marrow. talk about entertaining a two year old for two hours! yeah, it was awful. to top it off she hadn't eaten for 22 hours!