Thursday, July 23, 2009

Panning for Gold

So after Bear Country and Custard State Park, we finally made it down to pan for gold. The place we were at closes at 7 and then they let you stay there and pan as long as you want with no one on site. We were ready to pan for lots of money and I'm not sure if we even found a nickels worth. LOL Before we started Carson needed a pony fix!
Coltan pretending he just found a million bucks worth of gold.

Now reality set in and Coltan is still broke.
Cody still trying.

Working really hard at panning.

Carson thought he could find the gold without using the pan. Now if you look over Carson's head, you will see a glimpse of Cody's cell is red in color. Well just after the next couple of shots, Carson thought he would throw Cody's phone in the water and pan it out. I'm not sure how, but I grabbed it and took the battery out and ran into the bathroom where they had one of those electric hand driers and the next day after letting it dry out, IT WORKED!
Carson helping out his big brother.
Beautiful scenery everywhere we were in this state.

After we left here we went to a little restaurant in town and had a great dinner. Then we got back to the hotel after 11:00 and everyone was exhausted.


Angie said...

I have loved the way you have documented your trip and how you are sticking with it everyday!! I love seeing all the places I have never been....the Flintstones have been my favorite:)

Aimee said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip! I love all of the pictures... and I'm thinking that I so need a vacation!

Kyler's Mom said...

Looks like you really had a great trip!!! What fun!!! Love all the pictures.

As far as the NEMO fair goes... I live near maryville, Mo now but am originally from the Kirksville area. You went to the NEMO fair? what a small world!!

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

Looks like fun! My grandfather used to take me to the NC mountains in the summer and we'd pan for gold. You are creating some wonderful memories for your boys.

Lindsey said...

That looks like soooo much fun! What a great learning experience. I want to do that! That is too funny that Carson trying to pan his brother's cell phone. I bet he wasn' too thrilled. :P

You guys should have made a road trip through Texas! Maybe next time and Houston will have to be on your list of stops.

lonestar said...

Looks like they had a great time!