Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to South Dakota....Day 3

Day three we had Cody's last game. It was against the #1 team from Indiana. They were a really great team and they had played us once before in the championship game and we lost 0-5. So going into this game, we knew it was going to be tough. We ended up dominating the ball most of the game and they had an exceptionally great goalie. If I say we had 25 shots at the goal, I really don't think I'm exaggerating. So we ended up tying them 0-0.

After that, we loaded up in the car and it was off to Rapid City. We stopped in a town called Mitchel to get gas, grab some dinner, and stop at the Corn Palace. All the designs on the wall were made out of corn husk. This is one of those places that you only need to stop at once in your whole life. I think this is where they hold concerts and they have a basketball team but I cannot remember the name of the team.

After visiting here, we continued to Rapid City where we finally got in just after midnight.

The sun was right in Carson's eyes. So this was the best I got. This is what the walls were. Kinda neat. All corn husks.
Another wall.
Down on the court they had some retail shops. Carson was being cute.
Cody trying to one up his brother. I told Cody I was putting this pic on the blog!

I couldn't get Coltan to put on any silly hats, darn it. LOL


Lacey said...

Love the pink hat, girly. Carson looks so cute in that hat.

Mike and Gail said...

WOW! Another town famous for corn. That is what are town is famous for. Cool!! :D

Being Brazen said...

The first photo is so cute....also love the pink hat

lisaschaos said...

Hey I think tying is pretty darn good! Way to go! Love the corn!

Wendy said...

I think the sun-in-his-eyes pic is adorable!

RC is where all my maternal relatives are from & live. My sister lived there a little in high school with our mom & ended up leaving high school to get her GED because she was jumped & seriously beaten up more than once in her few few weeks. I guess gangs are a huge problem there & they were trying to pressure her into joining. I've always been nervous about going there after that.