Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Reality

Well once again, I just wanted to say thanks for going down memory lane with us on our vacation. Now that I have posted all the pictures that I wanted, it's back to reality.

We were all lucky enough to head down to the Lake of the Ozarks a couple of weekends ago. My mom owns a place down there so we decided to head down and take advantage of a little fun. Coltan and Cody went tubing for a while and we went up to the strip and they rode go-carts. My mom actually went a couple of times as well. She took Carson once and then she got into a single cart and raced Coltan and Cody. Poor Coltan picked the slowest two carts on the track.

This past weekend Carson and I went to the Platte County Fair and man was that fun. They had a Truck and Tractor pull which I have never been to and I'm hooked! We sat there from 6:30-9:30 and Carson watched the whole time. He did get up and dance for the crowd and meet everyone. He became the fairs favorite little guy. Everyone was giving him lots of attention and my little ham ate it up! After the tractor pull, we went and rode the motorcycles, jeeps, merry go round, an elephant, and a big slide. We ended up leaving close to midnight and boy did he sleep good.

Some of the things I have been working on over the last few weeks are switching rooms, getting ready for a garage sale, and getting ready for a bunch of doctor appointments.

Cody's room was done in Green Bay Packers when we first moved in here. We did the top walls yellow and the bottom green with a Green Bay border down the middle. I will look through some pictures and see if I have one of it to post later. Carson's room was already painted in blue and I put up some sports bears for his theme. Well Cody hasn't really cared for the Packers since Brett Farve left and now he wants his room done in AC Milan Soccer team which is red and black. I have been buying things here and there for Carson for a John Deere Tractor theme. So what did I do? I switched Cody and Carson's rooms. This way the green and yellow are already up. Cody also had bunk beds in his room and we took those down and I swiped a bed from my niece that is actually really nice. It is the kind that has the drawers underneath. I also bought carpet for my whole house a year ago and we installed it downstairs, but never got the upstairs done. So while all of the furniture was out of the rooms, we installed carpet in Carson's new room, and in Cody's new room.

I have also been going through EVERYTHING in my house and taking a lot of stuff downstairs into the garage sale pile. I will be trying to sell some things on craigslist and some at the local consignment shops and then a lot in a garage sale. That is a huge project all in itself. It has been kind of fun though cause before buying the house I live in now, the boys and I rented a duplex for a year and when we moved, I lost a $400.00 Ipod and when I was going through some boxes, I found it! Never been used. Now the boys and I are fighting over who gets it since we all already own one. LOL

Coltan has been in soccer camp for the last 2 weeks. He goes from 7:00AM-9:00AM and then back again from 6:00PM-8:00PM. This is a conditioning camp that is put on by his high school. Then next week he will be trying out for the soccer teams. I still cannot get over the fact that I have a child starting high school. I'm only 34 and feel really old!

Coltan and I will be getting very busy in his room later this week so that we can unload all of the clothes that he has outgrown and put them in the garage sale pile.

Cody has been doing not much of anything. He is on a break until the second week of Aug and then it will be very busy for us again in the soccer world. Coltan will not be traveling like that this year until Spring. He will be playing high school in the fall and then back on his regular team in the spring. Anyways, back to Cody, he has been helping me a lot with getting his room done and going through all of his clothes and things to get rid of for the garage sale. It is hard to believe how much he has grown in just a year. I thought when they get older they slow down?

As for Carson, well we have earned two new trains this week. He gets a new engine from Thomas the train if he goes potty 10 times. So the first one he earned was Spencer and just last night he earned Molly. Toys R Us had a sale where if you buy 2 you get one free. So my mom was kind enough to buy him 4 and got 2 free. Carson has is next 60 potties covered! He is working on Fearless Freddy now. So hopefully he will get the hang of this. So far, he isn't telling me when he has to go. I have to just keep taking him to the bathroom. So we still have lots of wet pull ups. Any suggestions? I wanted him completely potty trained by the time the boys go back to school which is in a few weeks.

Well that is about all that has been going on. Carson has his swallow study on Thursday and we will see how well he has progressed since last year. Keep your fingers crossed because insurance doesn't cover Simply Thick which is about an extra $100.00 out of pocket expense for me every month. I would sure love to have that money and put it towards credit cards!

Well that about sums up our last couple of weeks. I have a few pictures from the lake, gun range, fair, and some others that I will try to post this week. Hope everyone is having a great week.


Angie said...

You have been crazy busy!! I am wanting to have a garage sale as well, looking at September-it will take me that long to get everything rounded up for it.

Good luck on the potty training, I have no advice on that one. But if you find a good trick pass that along. Taegan will go sit on the potty right now, but nothing past that. She likes to do what I do:)

lisaschaos said...

Your summer sounds so busy and crazy - but fun!

Julie said...

Sounds like you guys are having an awesome summer! Smart mama switching the rooms like that.

You asked about sending cookies and such to soldiers/sailors. I'm a little ashamed to say that I never did send any to Rob. I sent other goodies but not homemade. I knew, though, that we had friends and family that were doing just that though. One friend told me that she puts a slice of white bread in with the cookies to keep them soft. Rob told me that it worked. :) One thing to do as far as shipping goes is to go to the Post Office and ask for the flat rate military box. The box is free, plenty of room for cookies, cards, and other stuff and lots of packing material so things don't get squashed. It's only about $10 to ship overseas. One bit of advice, get the customs form when you pick up the box and fill it out before you go to the Post Office to ship the box. Your friend may also enjoy those powdered single serve juice mixes that you can put into a water bottle.

lonestar said...

Wow, ya'll have been busy! Good luck with the potty training, we are working on that too, at least the #2 part (we've got #1 down, but he is sooo not interested in doing #2 on the potty and gets extremely upset when we try to coax him into even trying). He doesn't really "get" incentives like that yet, but the trains are a great idea! We did something similar with our older boys when they were potty training and it helped. Good luck!

Bad Momma said...

Great vacation shots. All I can say is "Wow!" to all your summer activities. Hope you take some time to relax!

Carolina Girl said...

I've been to a Truck and Tractor pull before, SO fun!! Glad you guys had a great time!! =) Love the pictures.

Lindsey said...

Where are you?? I miss your posts. :)

I feel like you are always on the go and doing fun things with your boys. You are one dedicated mom.

Thanks for the suggestiong to go to Vegas. We've been thinking about taking a short trip there in the coming year. Have you been?

I had some pretty crazy glasses myself in the 4th grade so I can't say too much about my moms. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up. Ryan's parents are coming into town so we will be busy entertaining.

kristi said...

Glad you finally got into my blog!! Yes, I explained all that to my sister about how my blog is just how I am feeling that day. And that she shouldn't take it personal and it was my PERSONAL blog and she dug til' she found it. Nosey ass!!

And you are so right!! She was mad because my blog friends said she wa crazy and she hated that! (but seriously we all have our issues but this girl is waaaaay out there!)...no matter I apologized and if she chooses not to accept my apology, then so be it. But she won't be reading my blog or my facebook because she has been blocked.
We went to Durant, Oklahoma, to the Choctaw Casino Resort. The pool was at the hotel, they had a game room and miniature golf. It was so fun!!

Felicity Goodpasture-Culwell said...

I saw your blog off of The family farmin operation. tips on potty training--do away with the pull ups and just bite the bullet and let him go with big boy pants on. I have 3 kids and it did not take long at all for them to learn.
they have to feel the wetness. Just curious as to what you own business is.

thanks, Felicity goodpasture-Culwell

4funboys said...

gotta love summer! great pix!

Wendy said...

Loved all your summer travel posts. Sounded like loads of fun. We're headed back to reality, too. Biggest boy has been back to school for a week and a half and the little boys begin next week.

Good luck with potty training and the garage sale. I was also thinking of rewarding potty success with some Thomas cars. Great idea!

Rachel Dominguez said...

Sounds like you've been a busy bee. Miss ya since the last time we've had dinner.

Read my update and see photos. I filed for "D" on Wednesday and have been having a rough time of it.

KIT and give Carson and kiss for me.