Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 4 Beautiful South Dakota

Well it has been a pretty good week all around. Cody got back into town last night a little before midnight and we were all waiting for him to get off the bus. They ended up playing 5 games against other states and during the second game, Cody said he got leveled by a bigger kid and was hurt. He ended up hurting his arm and elbow from the fall but felt better the next day. This ended up being a wonderful experience for him and he said he had a ball.

Coltan spent a few extra days over at his dad's and finally came home last night. I ended up grilling out and had a nice dinner for him to welcome him back.

Carson has been hanging out and acting like a little ham. I'm trying to get this boy potty trained and we keep having set backs. I put a poster board up on the back of the door in the bathroom and told him that when he reached 10 stickers I would buy him something for his Thomas the Train. We got up to 8 and then nothing. He is still at 8 and my mother broke down and bought him the Roundhouse that he has been asking for. So now we are starting over and now he has already picked out the Spencer engine so wish me luck!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of South Dakota on day 4. You could just drive around and take pictures of everything here. What a beautiful state.

This was a shot of the crazy horse in the backgrounds. The day was perfect with vivid blue skies and cotton like clouds. I think the boys were getting real tired of me stopping and taking pictures. LOL Oh well, one day when they are older, maybe they will sit back and appreciate the beauty as well. This is a picture from the Horse Ranch. I took it while waiting on the boys.
I think I took this one at Mt Rushmore.

I'm not sure what this area was but I loved it. So I stopped, got out of my car, and snapped a few pics. Boys were loving it!


Carolina Girl said...

That scenery is beautiful. I bet the air is so clean there!

Good luck with the potty training!! =)

Shari said...

Kaci: Carsen and Caleb are at Bible Camp in Mossyrock, WA. Our church owns the camp and this is our kids' first year. This is with our new church in our new city. You knew we moved, right?

Shari said...

The move went well. We have been here almost two months now. We are still in Oregon about 75 miles from where we were on the coast. We are inland now where it is HOT all the time. We like it here.