Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bear Country USA

Well we are finally on day 5 of South Dakota. I cannot believe how much we actually crammed in in the amount of time we were there. Wednesday morning we got up early and headed to Bear Country. When we were in Springfield MO a few weeks back, we went to a drive through zoo and loved every minute of it. We got to feed the animals and Carson giggled the whole time. Well this drive through zoo was not as fun but we did see a lot of......bears. LOL So the first part took about an hour and here are some of the animals that we saw. I thought this was kind of a cool picture. I didn't see him at first and the boys had to point him out for me.

I called this bear fatty patty and Carson started laughing and didn't stop for a very long time.
The bears were there first and the wolves came down and started marking their territory. The bear just looked at them and finally waddled off. Kind of cool to watch.

Ummm......don't give your 3 year old a BLUE sucker first thing in the morning.
Isn't Cody the best big brother anyone can ask for?
This was one of the last animals we saw in the drive through. There were bison everywhere in this state.

Coltan sat down and started talking to the statue. So Carson ran up and started talking to him as well.
There were several cubs in this area and I thought they were cute climbing and playing in the trees.
The very end was a John Deere tractor pull. Carson had a lot of fun. It went around the whole park which was almost 5 minutes. For 50 cents, it was well worth it!


Farming Fabulously said...

My oh my, I can't get over all of the amazing places that you guys have visited this summer. You are one lucky family! I cracked up at Carson's blue face, too funny.

Shari said...

Very cool! Yes, the recipe that is on my blog I make quite a bit.

lisaschaos said...

I wanted to go there when we were in SD last year but we didn't have time. :( Looks like a great place! Love the blue sucker-face!

Lindsey said...

Were you seperated from those bears?! Or were they just walking around near you?! I would have a heart attack! I can't believe how high those bears climbed.