Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CusterState Park Part 2

This part of the park was very scenic and a lot of fun. We drove through tunnels and did some rock climbing as well. What a really cool place this was. Coltan and Cody climbing up some rocks and trying to give me a heart attack!

This was very similar to the areas that the boys were climbing. By this time, Carson was out and slept through all of the adventure.
This area here I gave Cody the camera and Coltan and him climbed up. Carson had finally woke up and I had no idea where the boys were. I would every once in a while holler for them and they would holler back.
You can see my white Yukon parked in this picture. The boys were actually on the backside of this rock that I was park in front of.
This rock here is called needle point. I'm sure you can see the "needle point".
This area was beside the needle point and Carson decided to climb through to see where it went. It was a dead end so he had to come back.
This area here you could rent paddle boats. We did not because we were still wanting to go gold panning after we left the park.
Another area where the boys did some rock climbing.
This was the last area before we left the park. Breath taking gorgeous.


Bad Momma said...

This looks like some trip! WOW! I would have had heart attacks with my boys on the rocks. You are very brave!

denise said...

Loved seeing the pictures!! Wish we would've hung out with you guys after the tournament!

Lindsey said...

Those were some great pictures of your boys! That looks like so much fun. I've always wanted to rock climb.