Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 4 part 2 South Dakota

After leaving Mt Rushmore we wanted to go to the Crazy Horse Monument. When we drove up, we found out it was $27.00 to enter. So we decided to look at it from afar. This is another man made sculpture to represent Crazy Horse. The carving of his face began June 3, 1948. It is still a work in process. The face was reveled and dedicated on June 3, 1998, marking it's 50 year anniversary. This is claimed to be the worlds largest mountain sculpture and is a memorial of the legendary Lakota leader and his culture. So here are a few pics of it.

So then it was off to ride some horses. When we got to the ranch, I found out that you had to be at least 6 to ride. So Carson got a pony ride (I know, it's really not a pony) and then just Coltan and Cody rode the horses. I stayed back with Carson and took some pictures of the beautiful scenery.
Here is Carson's horse named Nugget.

Cody is peeking back at me.
Now it's Coltan's turn to get his picture taken.
Cody and his horse.
One more of Coltan
They ended up riding for over an hour and told me that this was one of their favorite things to do on the trip. Was it because it was a lot of fun or because mom and Carson weren't with them? LOL


Farming Fabulously said...

How fun, you guys were able to ride horses! What beautiful landscaping...

Wendy said...

That is a seriously impressive sculpture. What is the keyhole for? Were they originally planning to sculpt out his arm or something?

We have given thought to visiting SD for vacation sometime. My mother is from there & has always talked about how awesome the Black Hills area is. I'll look forward to looking through your posts on it.

Wendy said...

One of my favorite memories from high school, was a spring break I spent with my best friend in Lafayette, IN. We went to a horse-back riding place and she and I were given to horses to merely ride off on together. I made my horse go down this slight hill and run across the field, while my friend Darla was screaming because her horse followed and she was about to fall off. I loved every minute of it and thought I could duplicate the experience with my husband almost a decade ago. Alas, it was just not the same and I didn't even enjoy the slow trot.