Monday, December 22, 2008

Still Hanging in there....

Well I had a lot of visitors over the weekend which helped out a lot. Visitors are always welcomed since we are home bound. (Did you hear that Denise and Rachel? :-) )

Saturday my niece stayed over here most of the day to help out with Carson. He is still not wanting to eat or drink. Charlie's brother Damian who is a doctor suggested last week to give Carson some water but add a little apple juice in it to add some calories. Carson is to smart and saw right through that. I have just went back to giving him plain water and now he says that it taste nasty. I got him to eat a spoonful of peas and a peach cup and I don't even think he drank 2 oz. of his water. That was it for the whole day.

My sister and her friend came over while Aspen was here and she bought him the Dr Seuss Christmas DVD. My friend Casey came over to check on him as well. Casey is the Time Warner repairman that always ends up at my house every time something is wrong with my cable. He has grown to like Carson a lot since Carson follows him around and calls his van the ice cream truck. He has really turned out to be a good friend and I can tell he is really concerned with everything that is going on with Carson. He sat with Carson and played trains with him for the whole feeding and they had a ball. Then my dad came out for a while and of course my mom and step dad. So my house was pretty full which helped my insanity a little bit.

Carson finally fell asleep around 10PM which I was excited about. Bad news, he woke up screaming around 2:00AM and then we didn't go back to sleep until almost 5:00AM. So Sunday morning we didn't wake up until almost 10AM which was fine with me. It was nice to get that much sleep. So then the challenge was on again. I think I poured Carson 4 different bowls of Lucky Charms and he would only eat one or two bites and then tell me he was all done. I would try to beg and plead with him and nothing. I would end up throwing the soggy cereal out 20 minutes later. Then a couple of hours later that is what he wanted again. I tried bribing him with hot dogs, turkey, ham, bread, gold fish, pretzels, peach cups, applesauce, jello, I think you see where I'm going with this. He ended up eating a couple of crackers when my good friend Rachel (Love for 9) showed up. I'm getting even more worried because every since the little episode on Friday happened, he has completely shut down.

So back to Rachel!!! She brought out her daughter who is 16 1/2 months old and Carson and her played for a couple of hours. It was so nice to sit and play catch up with her. The kids did awesome and I'm probably in big trouble with Rachel because I haven't downloaded the pics yet and e-mail her. I have some pictures of the love birds giving hugs and kisses. It was so freaking cute. Then Melana wanted to go down the stairs and she only knows how to safely slide. So Carson would sit and show her how to slide. Melana was a little mean and bonked Carson in the head so he told her Lana Mean. It was pretty cute. We ended up having a really good time. Hope we get to do it again real soon.

After she left I tried catching up on my last weeks soaps. I know very exciting and yes, I don't stay current trying to keep up with Carson and his feedings, breathing treatments, doctor appointments, and sitting with him most of the day in the kitchen begging him to eat and drink for mommy.

Carson went to sleep around 9:30 while laying in my bed during a feed and we were watching Signing Time "Happy Birthday" . So I figured if I was smart, I would finish the feed and lay down as well. I woke up at 2 to give him his last feed and back down at 2:30 and Carson was up again at 3:00AM crying and telling me he was scared. I calmed him down and got him back to sleep around 4:30 and then he was back up around 8:30.

As of today, well I have finally gotten him to drink about 4 oz of apple juice but I'm giving it to him through a medicine dropper. He had to take some other medicine so I kept sneaking it in there as well. As far as liquids....nothing yet. Now for the bad news, Carson has dropped 2oz since last Wed. SIGH.........Home health came out this morning and gave me that bad news after we weighed him.

Please pray for my little Pork Chop. I don't want everything that has happened over the last few days set him back. If we continue to lose weight, well that will be an automatic admission when we go back. I'm praying that God will put his healing hands around Carson and allow him to feed and drink on his own. I'm praying for myself as well. I'm praying that I can keep my strength up so I can get Carson through this. Of course I'm praying that Coltan and Cody continue to be the wonderful brothers that they are.

Coltan and Cody went to their dad's house Friday and I remembered it was Jessica's birthday on Sunday and she wanted the boys to stay so they could go eat some good pizza. Well they drove up to the restaurant and it was closed on Sunday's. So they ended up going to a really good steakhouse and ate there instead. So even though I told her yesterday happy birthday, I just wanted Jessica to know that I really do appreciate everything you do to help me out. You have made a lot of Carson's issues easier by helping out with Colt and Cody more. Jessica and I actually graduated in the same class so I have known here for 20 years. She is truly a great step mother and the boys and I are very lucky. She is what I would consider a very good friend and so I just want to tell her THANK YOU.

Now I'm off to attempt to feed my little Pork Chop. Wish me luck.


Rachel said...

So funny that we both put Melana was mean. Well, sorry but she was. Hopefully she'll grow out of that and not be a bully (LOL). I had a nice time sitting and chatting with you too and the kids were so cute together. It's amazing how different it is to have an actual friend that gives a crap and understands what I go thru cuz she goes thru the same things. The only difference is that you have a GREAT stepmom for your boys and I DO NOT! I have nothing but trash. Oh know this already.

Anyway~ sorry to hear Carson lost 2oz. I thought he did so good yesterday with the applejuice and crackers, but he'll come around. Maybe i need to bring Miss Piggy over more often, cuz he seemed to eat while she ate.

Love you girl. I feel the sameway about our friendship.

Lacia said...

I'm so sorry things aren't looking any better. I hope Carson can eat, and REALLY soon! If he still continues to eat crackers, are you able to sneak a bit of butter on them for some calories and fat? Or even some whipped cream on his peach cup?? Will he do whipped cream? I have no clue what you're going through, but thought i'd throw that out there. Pierce had eating issues as a baby, but not as bad as Carson, and he has gotten better as he's gotten older, thankfully.

Thanks for the help regarding Asthma. I, unfortunately, know all about it as well. (Well, not ALL, but some). My oldest also has Asthma. We've had a few too many ER trips with him, and a 2 day stay when he was first dx'd. He's having a good year with it so problems yet and Oct-April is his tough time. January and February is his worst time though, but hopefully he can stay healthy this year.

Aimee said...

All I can say is ahhhh NUTS! I feel so bad right now about the weight loss and all of the other trials you're going thru right now.

Have you tried putting a little bit of peanut butter on his crackers? I'm not even sure if he can eat peanut butter but if he will, that would give him some extra fat and protein.

Please let me know if there is anything that you need or anything I can do to help. Loves....

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I am sure that it is very frustrating trying to figure out how to get Carson to frustrates me for you. Will he eat ice cream or anything yummy like that??? Have they done other testing to make sure that he isn't having difficulty swallowing. I think I remember him having a swallow study, but isn't there other testing. I know with one of my friends, her son swallows twice for one bite (if that makes sense) but they did some other testing to find that out. Anyway, you guys continue to be in my thoughts. I wish I lived closer so I could come visit.