Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Part 1

Once again I cannot choose which pictures I want to post so I'm going to post several for everyone to enjoy. Since I haven't posted many pictures lately, well now I'm going to play catch up.

Christmas Eve we thought we were going to be in the hospital for Christmas and with everyone pulling together and praying very hard for Carson, we ended up getting to come home late on Christmas Eve. Since we aren't suppose to leave the house, Carson and I sat at home and hung out. Jessica and Chris brought all of the kids over after church and had a few gifts for Carson. He ended up getting the doodle pad (pretty cool if you ask me), and some match box cars and a couple of Scooby Doo Movies. All of them stayed for a about and hour and half and then they all left.

Christmas Day I decided to go ahead and have my family over. My brother in law and his kids, my father, papa, mom, step dad, niece, sister, aunt, cousins, and my dear friend Rachel and her daughter all came over. Since Carson wasn't able to to get out and see Santa, he made an appearance here at my house and delivered Carson's gifts. It was so nice of Santa to take the time out of his busy schedule and stop to see Carson. It turned out to be a very nice evening and hopefully my boys had a great day.

After the bulk of family left, Coltan, Cody, and Carson did Christmas with me. I ended up getting some PJ's because everyone thinks I needed some with all of the hospital stays. I also got a sewing machine. I'm pretty excited about this one. I haven't sewed since my grandmother was alive but it is something I have wanted to start doing again and I need curtains in just about every room so that is going to be my first fun project.

Coltan and Cody got new winter coats and some Play Station games and WII games. I also gave each $100.00 so they could buy the phones that they are looking at. So I hope that the boys liked everything and feel like they had a great Christmas with me.

Here is Santa with my three boys.

Boys will be boys

Carson dancing to Signing Times videos.

Still dancing to Signing Times

My cute neice Aspen enjoying her Aunt Kaci's cooking!

Uncle Jake telling Cody funny stories.

Carson eating cranberry sauce off of my neice Ally's plate

Coltan acting thrilled.

Carson would eat very little all day but Uncle Jake convince him to have a little off his plate so that he could get big and strong.


Lacia said...

Sounds like a great day. I hope things are looking up a little bit with Carson. He looks happy, which is a start right?

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! I need to get mine posted. We traveled for the past week and I didn't have much access to computers that didn't take forever. :) We encountered a lot of bad weather, so it was interesting driving all over! But we made it back. :) Glad that you had a great Christmas even though things have been so rough for you guys. I am still praying for you all and Carson. We have some appts. coming up so once I get them solidified (I am trying to change a few) maybe we will have some around the same time at Mercy....we have PT and ECMO post check up at the Special care clinics at Children's coming up again. Take care, I'll try to touch base soon!!

Rachel said...

Great pictures girl. I think the Santa picture with all three boys turned out great!

Maddy said...

You are certainly making some very happy memories there. Best wishes for 2009

Being Brazen said...

sweet christmas pics.

I hope Carson gets 100% better in 2009. *hugs*